Willow: all the characters from the Disney Plus event series

Check out the main characters from Disney Plus’ Willow series in the following. A little taste to better immerse yourself in the film!

The story continues and will plunge us into the magical world of Willow! After several years of waiting, fans of the eponymous film will finally be rewarded. Since filming in 2020, the Willow series is now available among the new on Disney Plus. Fantastic, epic, enchanting, everything will be there to make you live countless adventures.

A little summary to get you in the mood!

The second trailer for the Willow series was released during Star Wars Celebration as the series airs from November 30. As we can see, the story is a logical continuation of the film released in 1988 and takes place many years after the defeat of the evil queen, Bavmorda. In this series, the heroes will go on a perilous quest in lands far from their homes. They will face demons and monsters, while living the most intriguing adventures in order to save the planet. We stop spoiling the series and we give you the main characters in the Willow series.

Warwick Davis as Willow Ufgood

True to her role in the film, Warwick Davis will play the character of Willow Ufgood, the farmer turned budding wizard in the service of good ! After the film’s release 34 years ago, his acting hasn’t aged a bit. It will continue to amaze and amaze you throughout the seasons that make up the series. Interviewed on the subject, the actor had said that he would not hesitate to put on the costumes to play the role of this farmer with an endearing personality, a thing done!

Ruby Cruz will be Princess Kit

The beautiful Ruby Cruz will replace Cailee Spaeny and interpret the role of Princess Kit in this series signed Lucasfilm. This young and talented actress made her debut in HBO Max’s Mare of Easttown alongside Kate Winslet. She also starred in the 1980s remake of The Lost Boys. These roles allowed him to make a name for himself in the middle of the 7th art.

Erin Kellyman will play Jade

If you liked Erin Kellyman’s performance in Solo: A Star Wars Story, she will meet you in the Willow series. She will hold the role of Jade, a new character in the Willow series. Knight and best friend of Princess Kit, Jade will compose the group that will go in search of the twin brother of the princess.

Ellie Bamber as Dove

Before making her film debut, Ellie Bamber was part of the London Player’s Theater. She had already played in Nocturnal Animal, a feature film produced by Tom Ford before playing the role of Cosette in Les Misérables produced by the BBC. In the Willow series, she will play Dove, a servant who later learns that she is the chosen one with magical powers. Bamber has already proven herself by winning Best Actress at the Orlando Film Festival thanks to her role in High Resolution in 2018.

Tony Revolori will play Graydon

Tony Revolori put down his superhero cape with magical power by playing a charismatic character in the Willow series. He will be in the shoes of Graydon, a young scholar who will go in search of the missing prince. Whether the actor made a name for himself in the Marvel universe by interpreting the role of Flash Thompson in the spider man movies, he found his place in the cast of Willow. Certainly, he will not be a superhero but his role will not be the least in the series.

Amar Chadha-Patel will play Boorman

Chadha-Patel joined Lucasfilm production as Boorman after his success as a DJ in the series Sex Education on Netflix. Thief and famous swordsman sentenced to prison, he will have to go in search of the missing prince with the other members of the group in return for his freedom. Chadha-Patel has already proven himself in many films like The Third Day (2020), Doom: Annihilation (2019) or Aladdin (2019). Even if he only held minor roles in some films, Chadha-Patel will perfectly embody his character in the Willow series.

Joanne Whalley will play Sorsha

Joanne Whalley will return to the series in the same role she played in the film.. Daughter of the fallen Queen Bavmorda, she will play this talented warrior, certainly older and wiser, but always with this strong character that fans of the film will recognize. The actress has a fairly rich filmography. She starred in the BBC series Edge of Darkness in 1985, a performance which won her the Best Actress Oscar at the BAFTA TV Award. You can also find her in Dance with a Stranger (1985), Scandal (1989), The Singing Detective (BBC). Besides her character in Willow, Whalley had also performed other roles in The Borgias (2011), AD The Bible Continues as well as Daredevil (Marvel).

Up-and-coming actors for secondary roles

You will find other secondary characters in the fantastic and epic Willow series. Among them, the character played by Talisa Garcia will be the mother of Revolori. Although this is only a secondary role, the appearance of this transgender actor in a Lucasfilm production is a first.

As for Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, after her performance in Game Of Thronesshe will also have a secondary role in the series Willow.

Other actors, like Kevin Pollak, Rick Overton, Ralph Ineson, Christian Slater and Annabelle Davis will also appear in the series. The latter is none other than the daughter of Warwick Davis and will slip into the skin of Willow’s daughter in the series. Father and daughter will be reunited in this film to ensure a unique performance.

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Willow: all the characters from the Disney Plus event series