10 tips for traveling cheaper

Since the budget should never be an obstacle to discovery, Generation Voyage presents its top 10 tips for traveling cheaper.

Whether it’s a weekend at the sea with friends, a family getaway in the mountains or a solo trip to the other side of the world in the footsteps of new cultures, traveling represents sometimes more than a desire: it’s a real need, a necessity. But if the trip, whatever it is, seems to be a common dream for a majority of the population, it is unfortunately not accessible to all. Unfortunately, the budget question often comes to cut short the desires elsewhere.

However, today, there are many techniques, sometimes unknown to future vacationers, to learn how to travel cheaper. Indeed, if during your first preparation research, some prices may seem exorbitant to you, then do not panic.

To confirm its daily commitment to help you discover the world, Generation Voyage presents its 10 tips for traveling less expensively.

1. Choose your destination well

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The first essential advice for traveling cheaper is to learn how to choose your destination, according to your future expenditure items. Alone or in a group, short or long duration, and adaptation to local life are all factors to take into account.

For starters, the biggest expense when traveling, especially with family, is transportation. So if you are traveling with several people, prefer a destination that is accessible at a low price, so that all your budget does not go into the purchase of plane tickets. On the other hand, if you are traveling alone, and for a longer period, the cost of living in the host country will then become your first criterion.

For example, if you are planning a three-week stay, a round trip to Greece will probably cost you much less than a round trip to Asia. However, after less than a week spent in Vietnam, daily expenses (food, accommodation…) will have largely amortized your total expenses, and you will then save money compared to a stay on the Mediterranean coast.

So, take the time to analyze your expenditure items, in order to choose the destination that best suits your style of stay, to be sure to travel cheaper.

2. Travel out of season

travel cheap out of season

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Traveling out of season is not a luxury that everyone can afford. However, if you have the opportunity, believe us, there is no better month to travel for less. When the seasons end, hotels and campsites drastically lower their prices, traders also adjust, as do the managers of tourist attractions. You become rarer, and therefore more valuable: your wallet too!

Likewise, the benefits of off-season travel don’t end there. You’ll find yourself alone on a usually crowded beach, you’ll enjoy better overall service, and you won’t wait hours outside the doors of a restaurant. The locals, less overwhelmed, will then be more open to discussion, and the exchange of culture will be more intense.

Finally, if you are planning a trip to the other side of the world, also find out about the weather! An off-season trip to our lands can be the best time of year to discover a new continent.

3. Be flexible on your travel dates


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Would you like some basic, but formidable advice to be sure to travel for less? Be flexible on your travel dates! The cost of plane or train tickets can vary from simple to triple depending on the day chosen. Obviously, avoid departures on weekends or public holidays, and adapt your travel times: choose flights during off-peak hours.

If you are already abroad for a long journey, do not hesitate to book trips by bus rather than by plane. Although they are much longer, you can choose a night trip, and therefore save a night in a hotel or hostel! There are no small savings when trying to travel cheaper.

4. Get reimbursed with iGraal cashback

travel cheap cashback igraal

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Do you know the cashback system? If you’re not up to date yet, know that this could revolutionize the way you spend, and not just when travelling! Cashback is simple: you make your reservations or purchases through iGraal, the latter reimburses you for part of your purchases, and you receive your earnings directly in your bank account.

For example, if you want to make a hotel reservation on the famous Booking comparator, do not hesitate to go through the Cashback iGraal ! The site takes you immediately to the booking platform, and all you have to do is find your accommodation, book, and wait to be partially reimbursed.

According to iGraal’s partners, you will be able to save more than 10% on your total expenses! So, who said there was no solution to travel cheaper?

5. Seize last minute deals

cheaper travel

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If you organize your holidays in advance, there is a simple solution to save on your expenses and thus travel cheaper: email alerts! Register on several flight, hotel or other booking sites, fill in your dates and destinations, and receive email alerts whenever prices are at their lowest.

And very often, it is while waiting for the last minute that prices drop drastically. The planes or trains are not full, just like the hotels, the managers then lower the prices to attract last minute customers. Do not hesitate, then, to make your reservation via iGraal cashback, to combine two ways to save money.

After all, traveling cheaper is also traveling smarter.

6. Save money on accommodation

travel cheaper accommodation

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No more large luxury hotels and large rooftop infinity pools with sea views! In 2022, travel is no longer synonymous with abundance, but with experiences. And that goes even more when you’re looking to travel cheaper.

So to the big palaces, prefer more affordable accommodation, sometimes even free. Youth hostel, homestay, camping, couch surfing or woofing (free accommodation in compensation for any assistance) are all alternatives to save money on your accommodation, and take the opportunity to create memories. memorable.

7. Limit your food budget


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If you’re like us when you travel, the budget allocated to food is often the one that blows up the bank account, along with the last button of the pants. So even if the desire to test all the new flavors is felt, a dessert is tempting, or such and such restaurants have been recommended to you, prefer simple techniques to limit your expenses.

Do your shopping in the local markets, cook the local products yourself and let yourself be tempted by the street-food (often delicious) in case of small appetites, rather than testing all the restaurants in the area. Believe us, your bank account will thank you!

8. Prioritize free activities

travel cheaper activities

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Of course, when you travel to a new country, you are quickly tempted to discover the most famous tourist sites. But if you are looking to travel cheaper, you will sometimes have to be smart and prefer free or cheaper activities.

Thus in Mexico, prefer the temple of Calakmul to that of Chichén Itzà. In the Parisian capital, opt for the view from Montmartre rather than that from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Finally, for cultural activities, find out in advance: many museums are free on certain days of the week… In addition to saving a large sum of money, you will often avoid a crowd of tourists, to find yourself in a universe much more charming and soothing.

9. Use a prepaid local SIM card


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For all those planning a long-term trip, we have a simple piece of advice to give you in order to travel cheaper: suspend your French telephone subscription, and use a local SIM card! Depending on the country, these cost less, offer a better general network, and sometimes even unlimited access to social networks to be able to reach your loved ones at any time.

Admittedly, in some cases, you will lose your French number, but you will gain from it. Foreign countries, accustomed to backpackers, are familiar and will install your SIM card without any problem!

10. Save money on local transport

cheap travel transport

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If we have obviously mentioned the question of transport throughout the article, in particular concerning long-haul flights, there is another way to travel cheaper: to save money on local transport.

Depending on the destination of your next stay, find out about the best ways to discover the city. So prefer cycling to private drivers, “colectivos” to big bus companies, and above all don’t neglect walking. Explore the streets on foot, over more than fifteen kilometers a day. Believe us it is worth it!

You will discover new alleys, beautiful addresses, smell the smells of the city, hear the children heckling, taste the various street-food stands… In short, you will immerse yourself as it should be in a new culture that awaits that you.

Once all these tips have been carefully applied, you should be able to travel with a lighter mind, and come back with a heavier wallet!

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10 tips for traveling cheaper