15 smart travel apps

From booking the flight to the hotel, going through restaurants and cultural visits, apps make it easier for us on vacation.

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It’s almost the holidays and to enjoy it 100%, Mosquito has selected 15 must-have apps. The sites and applications that promise you the lowest prices are legion (including the very popular Booking Where Trivago). But in this area, two applications are much more useful than the competition. It is Skyscanner and Hopper, two solutions that allow you to compare the prices of flights, but also hotels and even cars on the spot when it comes to Skyscanner. Both apps compare prices on hundreds of sites and offer you the best rates. And if you’re not in a rush or your dates are flexible, you can be notified when the price is at its lowest. And all for free. While the app is free, the sites Skyscanner refers the user to sometimes charge commissions.

Since reservations are mostly made online, it is not uncommon to receive dozens of confirmation emails. Plane tickets, hotel or Airbnb reservations, or tickets for an exhibition or a show. In short, your mailbox is filling up at full speed and navigating through it is not always easy. This is where two very useful applications come in: trippy and TripIt. Both solutions, almost similar, work the same way. As soon as you receive a confirmation email, all you need to do is forward it to the app. This will then take care of extracting the main information and collecting everything in one and the same place. Tripsy or TripIt then turn into a dashboard for your vacation, with all your information at your fingertips. Even better, some paid options allow you to find out more about your flights (boarding gate, schedule, delays, etc.).

Get off to a good start

Once you have arrived, depending on your destination, you may need to manage the jet lag, understand a foreign language, find your way around on public transport or quite simply find public toilets. So many details that may seem superficial, but are rather boring when you find yourself in a bad situation.

Regarding foreign languages, two applications will support you to make you understand. The first is, unsurprisingly, Google Translate, which allows you to chat with your interlocutor using your smartphone’s microphone. The second, Cibo, will take care of translating the restaurant menus. Simply point your camera at the map, and the titles of the dishes will be automatically translated. When it comes to public transport, your pre-installed apps, whether it’s Google Maps or Apple Maps, can direct you. But the cream of the crop remains the application Citymapper. Not only does it tell you which lines to take to get to your destination, but it can also advise you which carriage to board or which side to exit to save time. And if you are afraid of missing your station, the application informs you in real time via notifications. Finally, let’s finish with Flush, an application that will rarely be useful to you, but which will prove very valuable when you are looking for public toilets. With its 200,000 toilets around the world, no more frantic races in the streets of a city you don’t know.

Ask for the guide

On the activity side, there are also many solutions. Let’s start with culture, with Culture Trip, Tiqets and GetYourGuide, three applications that will offer you a wide range of cultural outings. Museums, exhibitions, monuments or shows, everything is there. GetYourGuide and Tiqets even let you book and store your tickets directly within the app. If you’re more into nature, there’s nothing like Komoot. The app will show you the best routes for hikes or bike rides.

Regarding food, there are countless applications that list the best restaurants and bars. TheFork, Yelp or TripAdvisor are very good choices, but our favorite remains Foursquare. The application, which is certainly no longer as popular as before, still manages to differentiate itself by its ratings and reviews which are less misleading than those of the competition. Aim for above 8 out of 10 and you will never be disappointed.

Finally, as a bonus for budding influencers, Depalo is the app you need to find the most “instagrammable” places around the globe.

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15 smart travel apps