5 unusual walks to book absolutely

It would take a lifetime to become knowledgeable about the history and neighborhoods of Greater Paris. From June 1 to September 30, the festival #ExploreParis invites you to discover the city of light and its surroundings, the time for unusual visits and cruises in fashion slow. If there really is something for everyone, Do It In Paris sorted and selected his 5 favorite experiences to book before the sold out…

A highly chill street art cruise

The walk ? As part of the operation “cast off“, a demented cruise along the Saint Denis Canal to La Villette, to admire the most beautiful wild or commissioned works of renowned street artists (the frescoes of Sethinstalling Zestthe Dutch duo’s mural Telmo Honey…) like anonymous graffiti artists. It’s the perfect time: the 6th edition of the Street Art Avenue makes it possible to accommodate brand new murals in this exciting industrial district.

The extra thing? The bar on board the boat to enjoy a tea or an aperitif while a mediator of the WALL 93 teaches you all about theurban artmass culture which will be the star of the next Olympic Games with new disciplines such as skateboarding and breakdancing.

The meeting point ? The 6b in Saint-Denis.

Duration of the walk: 2:30.

Price 24 €. Reservations on exploreparis.com

A fascinating journey through the heart of Chinatown

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The walk ? A one-way ticket to beijing live from the 13th arrondissement, the largest Chinatown in Europe, as rich as the Chinatown of New York. Meeting the inhabitants of the district, we discover bookstores, temples, restaurants, anecdotes and traditions in a feel good spirit that already makes you want to return.

The extra thing? To be able to ask a thousand questions to Donatien Schramm who animates the visit, strictly unbeatable on Chinese culture and fluent in the Mandarin. A tip: take a notebook to write down your favorite restaurants and other nuggets to keep aside.

The meeting point ? Subway Tolbiac.

Duration of the walk: 2:30.

Price €12.50. Reservations on exploreparis.com

A paddle session on the Marne

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The walk ? Here you are landed on a wild island where the singular nautical club The big Eight took up residence. The concept ? Stand on a board while moving with a paddle. Of course, we first explain how it works before you can take full advantage of it. Don’t panic for beginners! Falling is not the sea to drink: the water of the Marne is certified and verified “swimmable”.

The extra thing? Extend by a picnic and a sunbathing session in this paradise of calm and greenery, unless you prefer to have lunch at the Mascot or one of the adorable guinguettes banks of the Marnejust on the other side of the island, to complete the holiday atmosphere.

The meeting point ? Joinville-le-Pont.

Duration of the walk: 1h30 – 2h.

Price 29 €. Reservations on exploreparis.com

© The Big Eight

An urban farm in the heart of Paris

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The walk ? Close to Father Lachaise, Urban picking works to develop theparticipatory farming in the city thanks to vegetable production spaces on roofs, terraces and courtyards. We embark our little budding farmers to educate them on locavorism and the benefits of a responsible productionwhose harvests are also delivered in part to the cooking school of Thierry Marxjust below the garden.

The extra thing? Leave with a basket full ofaromatic herbs and edible flowers to pimp his spring salads.

The meeting point ? Metro 9, Maraîchers station.

Duration of the walk: 1h.

Price €18. Reservations on exploreparis.com

Immersion at the Puces de Saint-Ouen

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The walk ? Vintage enthusiasts have necessarily already spent hours looking (often in vain) for furniture, clothing or decoration. But it’s hard to see clearly without paying a high price or getting lost in the aisles stretching over more than 7 hectares! #ExploreParis offers an enlightened immersion to finally know the best stands to hunt for mirrors, paintings, jewelry or books through the Malik, Malassis, Serpette or Vernaison markets.

The extra thing? Going to meet the inhabitants of the district and the indestructible local figures, passionate about the places and their activity… before sitting down at one of the good breweries from the market for an anthology rib steak and fries.

The meeting point ? Porte de Clignancourt.

Duration of the walk: 1h30.

Price 10 €. Reservations on exploreparis.com

© OTI Plaine Commune Grand Paris

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5 unusual walks to book absolutely