A famous reality TV candidate accused of scam by a bar owner on TPMP, he speaks!

A famous reality TV candidate was recently accused of scam by a bar owner. He takes the floor and makes a big update.

Simon Castaldi flies to the rescue of his darling Adixia

We must believe that the young candidate is not the type to shut up when he sees something that does not please him. Indeed, the son of Benjamin Castaldi does not hesitate when it comes to his beloved. And he proved it not long ago. Remember! After the broadcast of the cross, many Internet users accused Adixia of wanting to break the couple of Paga and Giuseppa. Very quickly, Simon wanted to make certain things clear: “ This someone does not want to say things! You will understand who I am talking about…. He wants to pass Adixia off for the chick who has been stubborn for 5 years, who hasn’t done anything with her life for 5 years, and who still wants to get him back at all costs! “.

He also adds: ” There are things that were said to each other before the shoot. We understood that the two saw each other before the shooting. I don’t think it’s up to me to say what he said to himself. Corn there were promises (…) on both sides, not just on one side. After a while, when you’re a man over 30, you have to wear your crowns and not put the blame on the woman.

Before finishing: “ The Cross was in July. We arrive in the month of November, so he makes it clear that things have changed (…) Currently, Adixia is considered the one who wants to break up couples. She gets a lot of insults and she is not well, and that makes her sad because at the moment she is very happy in her life with me. I too am very, very happy, and unfortunately people do not want to understand ”.

A famous candidate accused of scam

It seems that the last few weeks have seen a lot of ink flow about some candidates. After Illan who was accused of sexual assault on a minor, it is today the turn of another famous candidate to be the target of charges of scam. According to a bar owner, the young man would never have attended a booking for which he had been paid.

Her darling Adixia then spoke to defend her darling: ” He had some very inappropriate remarks towards Simon, that bothered me. I remained calm and explained to him that Simon had not received the ORVs. Don’t worry, we’re going to issue a refund and we won’t talk about it anymore (…) Simon has to send an apology message to the people who have come and he will do it (…) This person wants some buzz. He contacted TPMP to discuss this matter. Do you find it interesting that we are talking about Simon Castaldi in TPMP?“.

Simon also made a point of expressing himself, and had declared: ” We’re going to relax a bit, because it’s going a bit like peanuts. But thanks to the advice of my wife whom I love I will stay positive. I know I’m right in my boots, anyway ”. Invited on the set of TPMP, the owner of the bar wanted to explain the situation. According to him, a lot of people would have expected Simon Castaldi at this booking, and the event would have been organized with great fanfare, but Benjamin’s son would not have presented himself as promised.

The candidate at the heart of a scam affair, Benjamin Castaldi loses his temper

Very reassured, Benjamin Castaldi wanted to defend his son: What are these ways of doing, you go back down for two seconds! […] You really are a badger! You are rude. What you had done on the networks, insulting his father, his grandfather, his mother … so i will call my lawyer because there are enough now. “

But the tone quickly rose and Benjamin got carried away. He then shouted at the boss who didn’t seem to want to change his mind: ” Sir, I’m not my son, so you insult my father, his mother and me, it’s called ‘public insults’, so for that I’m going to file a complaint. Then you threaten him and you threaten me so for that too I am going to file a complaint, now you will stop thinking that social networks are a shit dump and that we can say anything and do anything, I will teach you the law! “

Touched by the situation, Simon also wanted to speak after the passage on TPMP: ” What a shame but what a shame you give credit to this kind of dark misogynist who insults my wife, my family, my name. It’s a scandal, I’m sick, my mother is sick, my grandmother, my stepfather, my brother. I want to vomit. “


Not long ago, Simon Castaldi found himself at the heart of a scam affair. A bar owner accuses the young man of never showing up for a booking when he would have been paid! We’ll show you the details!

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A famous reality TV candidate accused of scam by a bar owner on TPMP, he speaks!