A pair of sneakers worn by Michael Jordan sold for $ 1.47 million: all-time record, one more on Jojo’s resume

The news traveled the world in a matter of hours. A pair of sneakers worn by Michael Jordan during his rookie season just broke the sales record for a sports shoe. Records continue to fall for His Airness, or at least for his pumps.

37 years ago to the day, Michael Jordan walked for the first time on the floors of the stage that would establish him as the god of basketball. October 26 is therefore always a special date for those who see Caruso taking up his torch with the Bulls since the start of the season. For his first, the most famous of the numbers 23 was already blackening the stats sheet with 16 points, 7 assists, 6 rebounds, 4 blocks and 2 steals. With a 109-93 victory at the end against the Washington Bullets. The rest is from a historic rookie year with bases of 28.2 points, 6.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists in 82 games. From this season remains the birth of a phenomenon, a Rookie of the Year trophy and objects scattered all over the States. This is the case with a very particular pair of shoes. At the start of his career, MJ did not yet wear his famous signature shoes – the Air Jordans – which are in the process of being created. The comma brand then offers a red and white model of the Nike Air Ships to its young star. The full-back dons them for his fifth NBA game during a trip to Denver. After doing his stats – 17 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists – Jordan signs his push-ups and offers them to TJ Lewis, a ball collector from the Nuggets. The rest is only history and 37 years later, these slippers are resold for 1.47 million dollars. We know one who must be happy to count all these tickets.

The happy buyer? Collector Nick Fiorella who won the auction in Las Vegas. The small fortune spent to acquire the pair worn by MJ is a record in history. Never has a pair of sports shoes worn in matches have sold so dear. The last record already came from a pair worn by Her Majesty: $ 615,000 for Air Jordan 1. With these jewels on his feet, Jordan had smashed a basket during a summer match. It was on Italian soil in 1985. It’s no secret that objects that touch the GOAT sell like hot cakes – in gold -. And it’s not the price that seems to turn off collectors. It remains to be seen how long this new record will last.

$ 1.47 million for 37-year-old sneakers. We have known better quality-price ratio. But with this sale, we especially measure the still immense impact of Michael Jordan in the world of the NBA and in the world of sneakers.

Text source: ESPN, Sotheby’s.

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A pair of sneakers worn by Michael Jordan sold for $ 1.47 million: all-time record, one more on Jojo’s resume