A Wider Range of Travel Pricing Options on Travelport+

Latest version of Travelport+ gives travel retailers more air, hotel and car options for travelers through new supplier connections, enabling them to get more ancillary offers and services

Travelport, announces that several new supplier connections are offering more content to travel retailers on Travelport+.

Travelport’s new expanded agreements with Booking.com and Hertz will now offer more options for accommodation and car rental rates retailers using Travelport+, and agencies connected to Travelport will also have access to more options from Air France-KLM and Lufthansa Group NDC content at the end of 2022.

“This is the fourth chapter in our delivery of Travelport+, where we give agents access to more vendor options and fuel their ability to sell more air, hotel and auto deals as we expand and expand our content catalog,” said Jen Catto, Director of Marketing at Travelport. “This evolution also helps our supplier partners to reach even more customers, with the ability to tailor products to drive sales through the indirect retail channel. As with everything we build, with the end traveler in mind, more options mean a more relevant customer experience.”

More Aerial Content

As travel demand increases, Travelport is ensuring travel retailers have more options readily available to their customers by providing even more content to ensure everyone gets the best retail experience. possible. Air France-KLM NDC content is introduced on Travelport+, and Travelport will also begin rolling out content Lufthansa Group NDC in 2022. Travelport is also adding three new airlines to the platform – Congo Airways, FlyGTA and US-Bangla Airlines, as well as 11 new ancillary services, and four more airlines now offer Branded Fares and options.

More Hotel Choices

Travelport’s new partnership with Booking.com unlocks a new range of rates at 140,000 hotel properties accessible through the Travelport+ platform, and will reach more than one million properties by early 2023. Travelport is also standardizing more hotel content to facilitate developer and agent workflows , so retailers and travelers benefit from more property and room selection, easier searches, and greater clarity on pricing.

Jeremy Cornuau, Director of Global Distribution Partnerships at Booking.com commented: “By offering travel retailers a wider range of rates for accommodation on Travelport+, we make it easier for them to find and book the most desirable options. With more information and more choices in one place, together we’re creating a smarter, easier shopping experience for everyone..”

More Car Rental Options

As car rental prices are a key area of ​​interest for many travellers, Travelport+ now offers car rental rates Hertz prepaid cards through an expanded content distribution partnership. LTravel retailers using Travelport+ will now have more revenue-generating opportunities with car rentals booked through the platform and will be able to deliver a better customer experience with greater traveler satisfaction.

Cheryl Reynolds, Senior Director – Distribution Strategy and Revenue Integrity at Hertz commented: “We are delighted to offer Hertz prepaid rates on Travelport+. This additional content will strengthen our relationships with our mutual agency partners and ensure customers are choosing the perfect product for their travels..”

Simplify Exchanges

In addition to an expanding travel content offering, Travelport is working to make the trade management process even easier for agents using the Travelport+ platform. Over the next few months, customers upgrading to Travelport+ will have access to Travelport’s next generation of automated exchanges, which automate complex manual ticket changing tasks and simplify travel management. With its dramatically improved graphical workflow, Automated Exchanges will significantly reduce costs and save valuable time for agents and travelers.

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A Wider Range of Travel Pricing Options on Travelport+