Aaron Holiday arrives at the Hawks: Delon Wright is quickly replaced

Only one being is missing and everything is depopulated… well, no, actually. The departure of Delon Wright was to leave a small void in the Atlanta backcourt but the Hawks have a long arm. It only took a day for this hole to be filled with Aaron Holiday. The small signature is interesting since it is not binding in the long term. Come on, we’ll sum it all up for you during your coffee, your Actimel and your Chocapics.

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So already, gently put your spoon in your bowl of milk, your Yop or your cup of coffee. With the arrival of Aaron Holiday, the Hawks now own two of the league’s three Holiday brothers. Achieving this feat on July 1st, aka the day of the major holidays… no, it’s strong, you have to applaud. Past the moment of crappy puns, it must be recognized that this move is still a nice coup by the Falcons. Why ? Well first, let’s take the case of Delon Wright. His past season? 8.2 points, 4.8 rebounds, 2.8 assists. Yes, a good little player who does his job well behind Bodgan and Trae, and who will delight Washington fans next season. For the accounting-accounting point, as explained yesterday in the paper concerning the arrival of Justin Holiday and Mo Harkless, the Hawks payroll is currently a little blocked. Yes, Mr. Wright is a fantastic basketball player, but keeping him would have cost Atlanta a certain price and considerably reduced its summer flexibility.

When you know that a certain John Collins is still on the way out, it is imperative to keep a little flexibility to be able to calmly welcome a counterpart that lives up to their ex-player potential. It is in this spirit that the arrival of Aaron Holiday has a double interest. Already, the player is only 25 years old so we can estimate that he still has some room for improvement. The contributions are of course lower than those of Wright since one turns to 6.8 points, 2.5 rebounds and 3.4 assists, but it is the price of flexibility. Yes, because beyond an undisclosed amount which should logically be very reasonable, the contractual commitment is only for one season. If ever a fuse needs to be blown, it will be possible with Aaron.

Come on, another small transfer smoothly led by Atlanta, which should now stop strengthening a rear sector ready to leave for a turn in October. It now remains to tackle the painting and there things should certainly be a bit more complicated.

Sources: Twitter @wojespn / @ShamsCharania

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Aaron Holiday arrives at the Hawks: Delon Wright is quickly replaced