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Recently restored, the large reading room of the Maison de la culture Hassan-El-Hassani de Médéa sparkled with a thousand lights Thursday evening during a ceremony in honor of two figures of Algerian Arabic-speaking literature, Abdelouahab Aïssaoui and Ahmed Taïbaoui .

Invited as part of the celebration of Knowledge Day, organized by the Culture Department of Médéa, the two writers spoke about their literary trajectory until their consecration in the world of literature.
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Speaking on the situation of literature in Algeria, the two authors deplored the low number of works translated into Arabic, considering that “the crowning of a prize is not an end in itself for a writer. , it is even a double-edged sword. Because every price is at the same time a
stimulating and challenging ”.

The opportunity for Professor Mohamed Benzerga, teacher, writer and critic, to dissect the writing styles of the two authors and the common threads of their works, one of whose progress has been focused on colonization, or places where the author stayed.

Works where reality and fiction intermingle, according to Mr. Mohamed Benzerga. In his response, Abdelouahab Aïssaoui will indicate that the best literary work is that which echoes the reality of all corners of the country in their diversity.

It is, he will say, through culture that a country makes its image known and often constitutes a portal for its economy, as is observed for Turkish soap operas which are at the forefront of exchanges with Turkey.

As a reminder, the writer Abdelouahab Aïssaoui won the 13th International Arab Novel Prize 2020 for his book The Spartan Court (Ediwane el Isbarti in original version, Dar Mim editions, 2018), won for the first time by an Algerian novelist.

The novel relates the beginning of the French colonization campaign of Algeria, in 1830, through five characters from both camps, “a vision on several levels of the historical occupation of Algeria and, from there, of the conflicts of the whole Mediterranean region, with characters embodying different interests and crossed visions ”.

An electromechanical engineer, Abdelouahab Aïssaoui published his first novel, Jacob’s Cinema, in 2012. He received the Assia-Djebar prize for his second book, Mountain of Death, in 2015. He also wrote Circles and Doors, in 2017.

Recipient of the 2021 Naguib-Mahfouz Prize, Ahmed Taïbaoui won the Naguib-Mahfouz Prize for Literature for the year 2021 for his novel Ikhtifaâ Essayed La Ahed (Disappearance of Mr. Person) published by the Algerian publishing house El-Ikhtilaf and the Lebanese publishing house Dhifaf in 2019.

This prize is awarded to the Algerian having regard to “the perfection of the narration and the sensitivity of the author in the description of the postcolonial situation of the Arab countries. Because the style which characterizes the novel is based on the use of a satirical language, very sustained and poetic, whose protagonist comes up against existential crises. It constitutes a critique of Arab regimes during postcolonial periods ”.


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Abdelouahab Aïssaoui and Ahmed Taïbaoui honored: All the news on liberte-algerie.com