All-time record: 13th NBA franchise for Ish Smith with the Nuggets!

It is possible that we missed the info not long ago, but Antoine de Maximy left the vacant place of presenter of his show on France TV. Fortunately, Ish Smith has decided to take over and takes us for the first episode in his thirteenth journey, his thirteenth NBA franchise. Quite simply the all-time record for the most teams for a player.

The choice was obvious for France Télévisions to replace Antoine de Maximy and his famous red shirt with the incomparable experience of Ish Smith. It’s simple, the guy has taken on dirty habits since his debut in the NBA, like going on the road with always more business than necessary. And the legend also says that all his clothes are stored in moving boxes, just in case. Yes, it’s sad to say, but Ish Smith hasn’t really had a home for a long time, so he called France 5 outright and said he wanted to take over from your grandpa’s favorite show. after the siesta. The fit was perfect, and the material is there. With twelve NBA franchises in his hands in barely twelve years, Fianso’s favorite player has had time to break into a lot of people and meet great people. But yesterday, after four rather peaceful months away from the Playoffs in Washington, Ish had to turn the camera back on.

“Hello everyone, and welcome to this 13th episode of I will sleep at your place. And yes, we are going on a trip again, heading to Colorado.”

Ish Smith has (again) been traded with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope against Monte Morris and Will Barton. No need to pack, they are already ready. Direction Denver for Ish Ish and his Gopro attached to the belt, here we are the new all-time record for the most franchises a player has played through, with 13.

Passed by Wake Forest then then undrafted, Ish Ish entered the NBA through the back door. After a start in the League under a two-way contract on the Houston side, Mr. Smith quickly became an interesting trading currency. A player profile that does not make franchises insensitive, but whose value is also not high enough to make it untransferable. After his time with the Rockets, Ish gets into this nasty habit of not unpacking and staying up at every trade deadline to get the best plane ticket prices. Grizzlies, Warriors, Magic, Bucks, Suns, Thunder, Sixers, Pelicans, back to Philly, Pistons, Wizards, Hornets, back to Washington and now Nuggets. The account is good, we are well at thirteen franchises in twelve years of time. The leader therefore exceeds the record held by his namesake Joe Smith then by these gentlemen Tony Massenburg, Jim Jackson and Chucky Brown, all four passed by twelve different teams. Behind, at eleven, a lot of journeymen known to the general public like Jeff Green, DJ Augustin, Garrett Temple and Anthony Tolliver, who can also, on a misunderstanding, get closer or even hit the record of poto Ish. The five boys have already seen the whole country and could easily write a Backpacker’s Guide of 3000 pages on the States.

If there’s anyone in this world who collects Ish jerseys, and owns one from every franchise he’s been through, then we owe him all the respect. It must be the only hardcore fan of Ish Smith already, then the guy still spent a little more than a thousand balls in jerseys, limit desire to offer him that of the Nuggets, well. Hoping in any case that the hearings on France 5 are a hit for Mr. Smith, the thirteenth episode promises to be chanmé, in the meantime… a fourteenth?

Text source: ESPN, Basketball Reference

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All-time record: 13th NBA franchise for Ish Smith with the Nuggets!