Andrew Wiggins extends with the Warriors for 4 years and 109 million

It’s raining big checks at the Warriors! While Jordan Poole had just nabbed a new XXL deal, it’s Andrew Wiggins’ turn to get his due. The winger has signed a 4-year, $109m contract.

We breathe a lot better at the Warriors. With potentially three players (Draymond Green having an activatable player option) who can test the market in the summer of 2023 and a very red payroll, the Dubs fanbase could fear the loss of one of their favorites in the coming months. How were the Warriors going to proceed? Wait all season and extend their frames on the gong? It’s no for Bob Myers, who preferred to ensure the blow even before the recovery. After having spun up to 140 million (over four years) to Jordan Poole, the GM of Golden State signed a deal of 109 million (over four years also) to Andrew Wiggins reports Adrian Wojnarowski fromESPN. The winger therefore finds himself linked to the franchise until 2027! Note that the last year of his new contract is a player option. He will therefore be able to test the market in 2026, like a certain Stephen Curry.

All-Star for the first time last year, Wiggins was a major element for the Dubs and this extension therefore makes sense. It should be noted that the winger even conceded a salary reduction to extend in San Francisco, a sign that the first pick of the 2014 Draft has really found his home in the Bay. Could he have had more by signing elsewhere? It’s not said. For Warriors fans, it is in any case a daydream since they have seen two executives extend, the evening of the ring ceremony is fast approaching and they are now certain that this group will be ultra-competitive for several years. . All this happiness obviously has a price and Joe Lacob had to checkout to arm his champion. According to calculations by Bobby Marks ofESPNthe franchise will have to pay in salaries and taxes a total bill of… 483 million dollars in 2024! It is recalled that a team which remains under the limit of the Luxury Tax does not pay more than 150 million per year. This gives an idea of ​​the colossal amount we are talking about and again this figure is calculated in the perspective where Draymond Green would take his player option of 27 million.

Draymond Green precisely, how about we talk about it? While he announced during the summer his desire to quickly extend to Golden State, the pit bull has not yet signed anything. At Media Day, the interior was even skeptical about receiving a contract by the start of the season. A huge punch to Jordan Poole later, it does not take the way. One can even wonder if Green is not the big loser of the day. Steph, Poole and Wiggins extended on the long term, Klay who will also have to sign a new deal before 2024, there may not be enough fuss for everyone. Unless, of course, the management is ready to make another extra effort financially. We can’t even imagine the amount of the bill with all these beautiful people in uniform in 2026, especially since there are young people who will have to be extended one of these four (Kuminga, Wiseman, Moody). The Luxury Tax has a bright future ahead of it in San Francisco.

After Jordan Poole, it’s Andrew Wiggins’ turn to extend his lease at Golden State. Before going to defend his title in 2023, the champion is already preparing for the future and the rest of the plan always seems the same: go and get as many rings as possible.

Text source: ESPN

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Andrew Wiggins extends with the Warriors for 4 years and 109 million