Anfernee Simons extends to Portland: 100 million for the little one, yum!

The Free Agency boils the thirty NBA franchises during the first hours after its opening. The Blazers are no exception to the rule as they have extended their young 23-year-old back. Numbers ? 100 million over four years is the price to secure the services of Anfernee Simons, who has shown this season that he is one of the faces of position 2 in the NBA for years to come.

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Close your eyes. Imagine you are an NBA player. You are 29 years old, you are an assertive lieutenant in a team playing in the Playoffs. The good life huh? Before thinking about the car parked in your garage, think about your career instead, since there’s a game to play tonight. It’s against Portland, at home. The atmosphere is as usual boiling since it is the beginning of April and you are playing your position in the ranking against a direct competitor. Opposite, Damian Lillard is not there and you therefore say to yourself that it should logically go well. Ay caramba, What a mistake. A young 23-year-old is on the field with the Blazers jersey. On his back, the Simons name is proudly flocked. A 3-pointer, then two, then three, then too many to count. Finally ? A defeat for your team and your buttocks red because you couldn’t hold the guy when you were on the field. This is what Anfernee Simons can bring to the basketball court. Start giving him a piece of land, he takes everything from you and especially the victory. His stats this season, for those who still frown? 17.3 points, 2.2 rebounds and 3.9 assists. The profile of the back scorer in all its splendor, and above all a youngster who still seems far from the breaker in terms of talent.

So you understand that with a guy like that, there’s no question of taking risks. We file a big ticket, so that on the one hand the player in question is satisfied, and on the other you mean to the franchises which had been able to zieuter on him that ” Patouche, that’s mine“. Now the project is first for Portland to look after Anfernee well. Injured in the knee – tendonitis – since the end of March, the guy did not finish the season and took a rest. The challenge was also to send a signal to Damian Lillard. By putting a lock on a product made in Portland which carbides strong, the management indicates to Lillard that the objective is always to win in Oregon. With 100 potatoes in the pocket of Super Simons, we will also have to speed up our responsibilities. Become an indisputable holder? Yes, logical and above all expected, we do not put the quintal of tickets on the bench except if his name is Ben Simmons. Hey, it only depends on an M actually. In short, a real signature of the Blazers, expected but very necessary to keep a guy from whom we all expect a lot.

Bang, the stroke of the pen at 100 million. Anfernee is satisfied, he’s going to put all his family away for a long time. Now the hard part remains to be done. Prove that this sum is deserved by being at the top regularly on the ground. We say that just in case, because we know a few who broke their teeth after breaking the bank.

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Anfernee Simons extends to Portland: 100 million for the little one, yum!