Barack Obama involved in a plan to buy the Suns?

The Phoenix Suns have been for sale since the Robert Sarver affair. Inevitably the price is quite high and for the moment difficult to say who will win the bet. But according to a latest rumor, a group of investors could soon position themselves and take out the tickets. Among them, we would find a certain… Barack Obama.

$4 billion. If you and your friends manage to raise this sum, you can easily buy back the Macumba which ignites all your Saturday evenings, but you can also become the new owners of the Phoenix Suns. According to a report by Marc Stein, the sale of the Cactus could reach this price, or a little more than double its estimated value of 1.8 billion per Forbes. A marketing that took place after the revelations of the Robert Sarver affair. As a reminder, since October 2021, the journalist ofESPN Baxter Holmes conducted an investigation which revealed highly inappropriate behavior on the part of Sarver towards its employees. After a one-year suspension and a fine of 10 million potatoes, the man who also owns the Mallorca football club finally put up for sale the franchise he bought for $401 million in 2004. And according to Bill Simmons of The Ringer, a new group of investors prowls Arizona and inspects the Cactus. Among these lovers of xerophytic plants? There would be former President of the United States of America Barack Obama.

“I heard that Obama was involved in one of the groups. I think he’s the guy who could become the current face of the franchise, and investors would be so happy to put him forward. »

Barack Obama face of an NBA franchise, it slaps and everyone has the same reaction as Charles Barkley. The legend of the Suns is more than boiling to join the project if the 44th president of the States asks him. Don’t put the cart before the horse, it’s just a rumor, but this one would still have the mouth especially if we think of the discussions between Chris Paul and the 61-year-old politician. It’s not new, Barack Obama has been a basketball fan since childhood, it’s a sport he has already practiced and to see him in a management team at the head of the Suns should make people dream. fan base of Phoenix. Attention, we are going to switch to the imaginary and the fictitious, but imagine the power of attraction of Phoenix on the transfer market. Mr. Obama is appreciated by most NBA players and his slightest presence around the table could be enough to convince a free agent. And then the former president is not the most awkward and could also return to the staff of Monty Williams.

Devin Booker on fire who celebrates a madness by a check with a Barack Obama courtyard, the scene is crazy and Phoenix fans are going to be praying hard for it to come true. Everyone calm down, we’re talking about a simple rumor, but beware… there’s no smoke without fire.

Text source: Marc Stein, ESPN, Forbes, The Ringer, Barack Obama.

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Barack Obama involved in a plan to buy the Suns?