Beautiful people knock on the door of Jazz to acquire Jordan Clarkson

It’s no secret that Utah will continue to gradually demolish its workforce. After the big trade of Rudy Gobert then that of Donovan Mitchell, the Jazz clearly showed its intention to blow everything up to start again on new bases. Yes, but here it is, a roster cannot be deconstructed in a week, so the Mormons take their time and explore all avenues to receive the best possible reward. Today, the Salt Lake City franchise may well have a touch for a certain Jordan Clarkson.

Hello, we would like to exchange a crazy scorer, sixth man of the year in 2021 and who guarantees you a good fifteen pawns every evening, are there any interested (in addition it is cheap) ? This is, more or less, the message that the CM du Jazz must have posted on the WhatsApp conversation of the League teams. Suffice to say that several franchises interested in adding a little offensive boost to their bench have looked into the Jordan Clarkson file. Finally, four teams stand out to welcome him if we are to believe Brett Siegel of Sports Illustratedand not just any: the Bucks, Grizzlies, Kings and Raptors. Ah bah that, we had warned that this boy was likely to have a lot of rating. This is explained quite clearly. First and as explained above, Jojo is starting to have a good career in the NBA. Since his arrival in the NBA in 2014 with the Lakers, the rear has scoured the floors of the Great League, with always more or less success. His time in LA leans more towards the less than towards the more, while his experience in Utah is still rather successful, on an individual level in any case with a title of Sixth Man of the Year 2021. Second, this boy is a player who can fit into almost any team, provided he is used well. The instructions for use begin to be known to all: fuck J-Clark off the bench, make him play about twenty-five minutes per game and wait for him to plant his fifteen points. Able to create his own shot, the man is a high-level scorer. Be careful, however, not to let him drag on the field too much if you have to defend, because we are clearly not on Kawhi Leonard’s successor.

Now that the profile of the player on the floor is drawn up, we will have to tackle another rather interesting point for teams wishing to recover Clarkson. It’s very simple, this boy assures a place in the First League All-Drip Team to anyone who would offer his services. Understand by this that the guy has style, and that counts too. Nah, more seriously, one of the major arguments in favor of the rear is its price. Yes, Jordan is simply the lowest salary in the group of players that the Jazz are looking to transfer. Specifically, J-Clark is expected to make $13.3 million next season and still has a player option to 14 million for the following fiscal year. Rather honest. By way of comparison, a boy like Bojan Bogdanovic will earn $20 million in 2022-23. All these arguments make the 30-year-old a shot to try even if the collective projects of the teams mentioned above are very different. The Bucks are aiming for the title, the Grizzlies are just waiting to continue their fine rise in the East, Toronto wants to continue to rise and the Kings, well it’s the Kings, they still hope to hang on to the Playoffs. From now on, all that remains is to take note of the counterparties offered by these teams, because there is no doubt that Danny Ainge will not let go of his player for peanuts and a smile. If Utah is aiming for draft picks (probably), it will probably be Memphis or Sacramento to look to. On the other hand if the Jazz wants new blood, there is only the embarrassment of choice.

Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell and a priori Jordan Clarkson, Utah continues its degreasing. The construction site still looks tough and the Jazz should continue to drive the market in the coming weeks. Approach, approach because in Salt Lake City, there are still beautiful people: Mike Conley, Bojan Bodganovic or Jordan Clarkson, come and help yourself you will not be disappointed!

Text source: Sports Illustrated

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Beautiful people knock on the door of Jazz to acquire Jordan Clarkson