Binance and Splyt: a new partnership to develop a great application

The crypto market taken abackBinance wants to propose much more than simple cryptocurrency trading, staking or savings services on its platform. The cryptocurrency exchange embarks on a 2 and 4 wheel adventure.

Binance on its way to becoming a super app

Binance kicks adoption boost cryptocurrencies, by tying a partnership with Splyt. The latter describes itself, on its website, as “the first global network of on-demand services”. Concretely, Splyt facilitates integration services of its partners on the application of its customers.

In this context, it collaborates with renowned companies, such as Uber and Splyt users can thus integrate the following services:

  • Carpooling and micro-mobility services;
  • Travel-related services, such as accommodation;
  • Meal delivery.

Thanks to this partnership with Splyt, Binance could then become a great app, by offering the services mentioned above. Furthermore, the co-founder of Splyt highlighted the fact that the crypto platform is “pioneer in the integration of carpooling”.

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Cryptocurrency bikes and scooters on the CZ app

Binance thus considerably enriches its offer and improves its attractiveness via this integration of Splyt into its platform.

As for its users, they will be able to access at the service of splyt partners, without having to leave the Binance app. The services available are not limited to carpooling. They include:

  • Self-service bicycles and scooters;
  • Airport transfer services;
  • Public services ;
  • Meal deliveries.

Exchange customers will of course be able to pay all these services in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin price at $20,000: Binance continues to grow

This partnership between Binance and Splyt comes in a particular context for the cryptosphere. The bear markets since the beginning of 2022 have had an impact on the financial performance of crypto exchanges.

Crypto exchanges are thus pausing their development projects. They even go so far as dismiss a large part of their staff to ensure their sustainability.

Additionally, Binance and Splyt announced this partnership, as the price of the Bitcoin come back close to $20,000.

But despite this economic crisisBinance is still committed to a project that greatly contributes to theadoption of cryptocurrencies.

Binance continues to focus on the long term with this splyt integration, although the current tremors have not spared it. Indeed, the company had raised concerns in recently suspending withdrawals on its platform. Also, she faces possible lawsuits because of Terra (LUNA).

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Binance and Splyt: a new partnership to develop a great application