Bogdan Bogdanovic would be in the sights of the Suns

Competition period does not exclude the passage of some rumours: on the contrary it is linked! An important player of a team is set aside? It is likely to be traded soon. Jae Crowder in Phoenix for example, to give it a try… Bogdan Bogdanovic? We explain all this to you.

We remember the first rumors that did not go in this direction. Not long ago, the front office of Arizona was trying to recover the veteran Eric Gordon with the Rockets, presumably via a three-team trade that would have sent Jae Crowder to Milwaukee. Turnaround, the Suns would currently transfer their interest to Bogdan Bogdanovic, according to Kevin O’Connor for The Ringer.

The Serbian back of the Hawks fulfills, it seems, many of the criteria sought by Phoenix: very good shooter, able to play ball in hand, off-ball and… solid defender? First news. Well, we’re going to trust James Jones and his teams for the scouting part, then start by studying the feasibility of trade. Contract level, Bogdan begins the third year of his lease, a fixed amount of 18 million dollars and a player option at the same price for next season.

Not the hardest contract to pass on, then. What’s more, the Suns have a disgruntled veteran on their roster just begging to go. But if the contract Jae Crowder (10.2 million dollars) matches a good part of that of the Serb, it will still be necessary to attach a second player to make this exchange possible. Several silhouettes are available, including Landry Shamet, Dario Saric and Torrey Craig. It remains to be seen which one or more will be offered by the Suns or requested by the Hawks. The possibility of a trade with three teams remains possible.

What about the possible contribution of the back to Phoenix? Perhaps it needs to be clarified that Bogdanovic hasn’t played once yet this season. Badly injured in the knee, the back underwent an operation during the summer which was to allow him to return for the first tip off of the season. The deadlines were finally extended, and Bogdan has still not resumed training with his family. However, we know his qualities as a shooter, as evidenced by his 38.4% career parking. If the sniper is often used in spot-up (more than 28% of his shots last season), he is also able to handle the ball : leather in hand two minutes per game last season – the third total of his team – and a nice use of pick-and-roll (19.7% of his shots).

With Chris Paul’s heel injury, the Suns seem determined to find a plan B alongside Devin Booker, even if the return of the veteran point guard should not be long in Phoenix. At 37, CP3 risks being increasingly subject to this kind of glitches, and having a backup would allow the Suns not to wear out Devin Booker if the Point God were to deviate again.

Nice to see that the front office from Arizona is focusing on shooting profiles to be placed alongside Devin Booker in the absence of Chris Paul, leaving the lead to D-Book. If that’s done, just don’t forget to sign the right pages, huh.

Sources Text: The Ringer, Bleacher Report

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Bogdan Bogdanovic would be in the sights of the Suns