Booking[.]com reveals the lessons to be learned from its travel predictions for 2022 – TendanceHotellerie has been interested in the evolution of the travel industry and the uncertainty that continues to dominate this market. To find out more, conducted an in-depth study of more than 24,000 travelers from 31 countries and territories. The company then combined the results with its own data, drawn from its 25 years of experience in the online travel market, to identify emerging trends and ensure the triumphant return of travel throughout the year. next.’s Travel Predictions 2022 are a valuable resource that can help industry players prepare for the next 12 months.

Accept the unexpected

One thing is for sure, uncertainty will continue to be an integral part of travel in 2022. And while no one can foresee or avoid the challenges and surprises that lie ahead, travelers have accepted that unpredictability has become a part of our lives. . It’s no wonder, then, that flexibility has become one of their priorities when planning a stay for 2022 and beyond. If the overall price (58 %) and destination (46 %) remain the most important factors of choice for French travelers, the possibility of canceling the stay arrives today in 3e position (35 %).

The players in the travel industry will therefore continue to prioritize flexibility. To really feel at ease in the face of the unexpected, French travelers now want to know that they will not lose their money (46 %), and that they can cancel (41 %) or modify (40 %) free of charge for their reservations. These are their 3 main priorities for 2022 and beyond. In recent months, has launched several solutions to meet these new expectations. For example, one of them allows partners to modify the dates of stay themselves, while another highlights in the search results establishments that offer flexible conditions. Given the level of uncertainty that still accompanies travel, it’s no surprise that flexibility remains so popular. However, the magnitude of this enthusiasm shows that establishments have a real opportunity to attract more customers, by adapting their pricing, availability and flexibility of their conditions in a way that meets their specific needs.

Separate work and leisure

When the pandemic took hold, many travelers had to transform their lounges into offices, and telecommuting has become our new reality. The study indicates that, from now on, the population will witness the emergence of 2 distinct camps. No longer having to spend 5 days a week in an office, some travelers will seek to extend their vacation experience by staying an additional 1 or 2 weeks in their destination, by telecommuting. Others will disconnect completely from work and give it no thought after their vacation.

In 2022, a large number of people will want to take back control of their vacation time: 69 % of French people will ban all professional tasks during their holidays. Teleworking has meant more flexibility, but 68 % of French people questioned explain that they would prefer to spend shorter vacations but completely cut off from work. And for those who like to work elsewhere, has developed innovative solutions to help them find the perfect accommodation. Travelers wishing to extend their stay can now filter establishments with essential amenities, such as Wi-Fi, or those participating in the “ Ideal for working “.

Where and with whom do travelers plan to go on vacation ?

Whether travelers have spent long periods with their loved ones during the pandemic, or want to make up for lost time, expects them to spend their next stay with their partner (88 %), their family (75 %) or their friends (72 %). That said, the 2022 stays will also be an opportunity to broaden one’s horizons and forge new friendships. Not less than 56 % of French people say they want to meet new people during their stays. Travelers will therefore take advantage of their vacation to expand their social circle and 55 % of them say they are eager to socialize while on vacation.

Regardless of their choice of companion, travelers will be looking for privacy, space and the benefits of an entire home for their stays in 2022. There are 54 of them. % say they will prefer to rent an apartment rather than another type of accommodation.

As 2022 looms on the horizon, we are seeing real excitement and impatience to travel again. Whether it’s a stay at home or abroad, a long-planned vacation or a spontaneous getaway, will be there to help its guests and make exploring the world right. reach of all. will continue to develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of travelers and partners alike, so travel can make a comeback and the industry gets back on its feet. works every day to make exploring the world accessible to everyone. The company thus offers Seasonal Offers to travelers wishing to book their next stay, where it is again possible to travel in complete safety. These discounts of 15 % minimum are valid for stays until January 4, 2022. In addition, is opening its beneficial Genius program to even more travelers by offering access to Level 1 rewards to anyone with an account. These customers, who do not need a minimum number of reservations to take advantage of the program, benefit in particular from exclusive discounts of 10 % in thousands of participating establishments around the world. All they need to do is download the app, log in and look for the Genius logo to identify the discounts and associated benefits.

The Travel Predictions 2022 survey was commissioned by and conducted with a sample of adults planning to travel for business or pleasure in the next 12 to 24 months. A total of 24,055 people from 31 countries and territories were interviewed (including 501 in Argentina, 1,003 in Australia, 500 in Belgium, 1,001 in Brazil, 500 in Canada, 1,000 in China, 1,007 in Colombia, 1 001 in Croatia, 508 in Denmark, 1,002 in France, 1,000 in Germany, 1,005 in Hong Kong, 1,000 in India, 502 in Israel, 1,003 in Italy, 1,002 in Japan, 500 in Mexico, 501 in countries -Bas, 501 in New Zealand, 500 in Peru, 1,000 in Russia, 1,005 in Singapore, 1,002 in South Korea, 1,002 in Spain, 501 in Sweden, 501 in Switzerland, 504 in Taiwan, 500 in Thailand , 1,000 in the United Kingdom, 1,002 in the United States and 501 in Vietnam). Respondents responded to an online survey in August 2021.

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Booking[.]com reveals the lessons to be learned from its travel predictions for 2022 – TendanceHotellerie