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The news broke yesterday with employees who received a video by email: 12 of the 14 call centers located in France worldwide are sold to the Luxembourg company Majorel, a specialist in customer experience.

The news is abrupt for the 650 employees of these call centers because they fear losing their benefits: good salaries, bonuses, good conditions… Finally this is the official version because we remember the TV report “ The underside of Booking of February 2016 (review here). CDDs seemed to be the norm at the time…

This means that on the pretext of improving the service (SIC) by outsourcing the customer relationship, Booking will even more than today wash its hands of any problem that may arise in the context of a reservation.

In a context of extreme pressure exerted by Don Corleone Google on all tourism players, including its main client, has chosen to part with what constitutes a large part of its added value, namely the non-digital customer relationship.

It’s as if, under pressure from Tricatel, gourmet restaurants began to separate from their chefs de partie to replace them with subcontractors. Who can argue that the quality will be there by adding an intermediary and reducing the burden of this subcontractor to a single line of the income statement? ?

Added at 2:15 p.m. on February 11, 2022

Solicited by TH, the press department of Booking has just sent us this text:

As part of supporting our customers and partners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our ambition to extend this commitment to multiple travel products and services, we confirm that most of the employees in our department customers outside of Manchester and Amsterdam will transfer to Majorel, one of the world’s leading customer service providers, from the second quarter of this year. Working with a dedicated team of experts is the best way to ensure we meet the needs of our customers and partners, as we continue to expand the diversity of our product offering on Majorel is a key partner for us, as it already employs nearly 2,700 people who support We look forward to continuing to leverage their customer service expertise to help us grow effectively to meet the ever-changing demands of our business.


We remember the decisions weird » by Barry Diller in February 2000. Today Booking gives the impression of being in the same dynamic of reaction whereas we have always known Booking to be active and offensive.

When a giant is in the process of being seriously challenged by bigger than itself and starts to reduce its costs on principle, it smells like fir.

Booking is not going to die. On the other hand, Google’s model of hyper-dominance and the manifest laxity of the authorities of all countries in enforcing the most basic rules of respect for competition are once again likely to weigh on consumers.

As soon as there is a monopoly, it is the consumer who becomes the first victim due to a lack of innovation and rising prices. In addition, tourism professionals including hoteliers will also be victims of this marvelous world of Google, which alone will decide its remuneration, which is a lesser evil, but above all who has the right to exist and who must disappear.

More than ever, it is essential for hoteliers not to rush headlong into Google by cutting off other channels: never the motto “ divide and rule » has not been so vital !

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Booking sells 12 of its 14 call centers to Majorel – TendanceHotellerie