chouRAVE – w/ Maud Geffray, Freeda Musique, Lylou Dallas & Delphine Lafrange Le Chapiteau, March 12, 2022, Marseille.

chouRAVE – w/ Maud Geffray, Freeda Musique, Lylou Dallas & Delphine Lafrange
Le Chapiteau, Saturday March 12 at 8:00 p.m.
Do you know how to plant cabbages, in the fashion of their home? They plant them by stamping their feet and make the whole neighborhood tremble! What ?! So the whole Belle de Mai will be returned? No, you’re not dreaming, it’s going to delight! A night stolen with BPM, your eardrums damaged by the Lab’Elles crew… We are told in the atrium that the pickroquettes did not come to talk to you about salads… Put on your best rubber boots and your gloves gardening, and above all… don’t just stand there (do you have that one? golaaaa)! — LINE UP — MAUD GEFFRAY Maud Geffray is a French electronic music composer and DJ. Known for her powerful and dreamlike universe, she stands out as well behind the turntables as a DJ for sets with techno and trance influences as well as thanks to her musical compositions. In 2017, she released her first album “Polaar”, electronic music with dreampop influences, on Pan European Recording. The following year, she signed “StillLife”, a musical tribute to Philip Glass that she wrote for synthesizers and harp. Maud Geffray also composes soundtracks for films and documentaries, collaborates with contemporary artists such as Xavier Veilhan (for whom she composed the music for the show on the ice rink “Compulsory Figures” two years ago). Very recently, she signed the first and much noticed official remix of Eric Serra’s mythical Big Blue theme. She also opened the discography of Warriorecords, Rebeka Warrior’s new label, with an EP of powerful techno. She is also a member of the duo Scratch Massive. Maud will release her second album next May on Pan European Recording, and will present an electronic live performance by Ad Astra produced with aamourocean. []( FREEDA MUSIQUE Since 2006 when she discovered a passion for analog mixing, Freeda remains faithful to this authentic medium and mixes exclusively on vinyl. She draws her electronic roots from an underground trance culture which over time will continue to inspire and guide her. She offers us a mental, minimal, free techno, which often transports the dancefloor into a collective trance. Through his music, Freeda hopes to convey a message of tolerance and opens minds with a single connection: THE VIBRATION! []( LYLOU DALLAS Passionate about music, Lylou first began a career in dance, and, being particularly interested in the rhythm/movement relationship, she naturally came to sound with DJing. She started on vinyl at the beginning of 2000 in Maseille playing Techno/Minimal alongside the live Amadéhouse. She is currently working on her first EP. Always borrowing from the unexpected, his mixes always consist of small electronic pearls traveling from Nu Disco to Techno for the greatest pleasure of the dancefloor! []( DELPHINE LAFRANGE Pianist drawn to performing arts since childhood, she began mixing in 2007 on vinyl turntables. She is also the founder, president/director of Lab’Elle since March 2015, artistic promoter, booker, designer and organizer of events with the aim of highlighting female artists from the regional, national and international scenes. His tech-house / techno-groovy, festive and acidic DJ sets naturally bring the public to the track. ” []( 8:00 p.m.: Doors open 10:00 p.m.: DJ set 3:30 a.m.: End of the DJ set 4:00 a.m.: We say goodbye — LIMITED GAUGE! We strongly recommend that you take your seats upstream! TICKETING : []( BEFORE 10 p.m.: 7th + rental costs AFTER 10 p.m.: 12th + rental costs ON SITE: 15th ATTENTION LATECOMERS: if you take a place before 10 p.m. and arrive after the requested time, it You will have to count on a fare supplement of 8e (difference with the price of the ticket on site). — PRACTICAL INFO — ⚠️ MANDATORY VACCINATION PASS, with QR CODE (no paper or digital document without verifiable QR CODE will be accepted!) and this from 12 years old ⚠️ We love each other, so we take care of each other, be safe NB: the management keeps the right of entry No noise when leaving, think of the neighbors who are sleeping! PEACE LOVE and MUSIC!! In respect, in joy, in music!! ► Plastic reduction policy + recycling + composting ► Pizzas and small homemade pleasures ► The 1st BAR – ORGANIC, LOCAL and at low prices in Marseille
from €7.59 in pre-sale / €15 on site

The Marquee 38 Traverse Notre Dame de Bon Secours, 13003 Marseille Marseille Marseille 3rd Arrondissement Bouches-du-Rhône

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