Chris Paul, the player who will make the Phoenix Suns click 2022-23

If all the Phoenix players are going to make us want to click this season, we wanted to focus on the one who could enter our hearts and push us to subdue the Suns for the 2022-23 season. Ladies and gentlemen, here is your dose of Chris Paul.

From the top of his 37 rods, the Point God will begin his 18th season in the NBA. A longevity that would make more than one dream. CP3 has a more than honest career and he is one of the best leaders in the history of the great circus. But to make a place even closer to the sun, thethe thief of the banana boat runs after a ring which would obviously have a particular flavor. It is this quest that brings the native of North Carolina into the category of “player who will click”. Yes, Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton will also be watched closely, but they don’t play as big as Chris Paul, at least on the surface. Because the years pass and the chances of jewelry dwindle. After a lost NBA Finals in 2021, CP3 splashed through the 2021-22 regular season. The NBA’s leading passer with 10.8 offerings per game, he also contributed to the Suns’ total success by adding 14.7 points, 4.4 rebounds and 1.9 steals. Pickpocket, scorer, altruist, the leader from the 2005 Draft was in the oven and in the mill. But everyone knows the rest… Cited among the big favorites for the title, the Suns spent a round of the Playoffs before biting the dust against Dallas. Yet another Game 7 came to destroy the ring hopes for CP3 who shone again in the first round before disappearing against the Mavs.

The failure of the Suns has left its mark, the summer has been eventful and we can’t wait to see what the future of the Cactus will be like. A future that necessarily passes through CP3. It’s his to pull the ears of Deandre Ayton to show the way to his teammates and to make his leadership speak, because we must not forget either what the Point God is capable of. His offensive palette is formidable and if he starts again on the same bases, with a touch of revenge in addition, many defenders should bite the dust with a big blow of midrange and broken ankles. Whether we like the bugger or not, the Suns point guard is a virtuoso of the orange ball. And that’s why it will attract attention again this year. If we can ask questions about his age, be careful not to bury him too quickly. No, he doesn’t have the physique of a certain cyborg, but his longevity is anything but trivial. Let’s just remember that he spends a million potatoes a year to stay in shape. At this price, we imagine that he will start the season sharp as a blade. Revengeful CP3 or not, brilliant CP3 or not, whatever it is, he’s the one who’s going to make the Suns click this year.

It is often said that we realize the value of a person only when we lose them. Chris Paul has 37 brooms. He’s not forever so you have to take advantage of him no matter what he decides to do on the pitch. So if in addition the Point God decides to treat us, no excuse will be tolerated.

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Chris Paul, the player who will make the Phoenix Suns click 2022-23