Christmas: those gifts that last longer than a one-night stand!

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– Posted on 24 Nov 2022 at 15:47

We have all known those gifts that we give one evening, and which remain in the closet all year round. What if this Christmas, we gave ourselves a gift that makes us and our loved ones feel good? If the idea is obviously brilliant on paper, it can seem difficult to concretize in practice. And yet, we assure you, it’s not that complicated! So that the Christmas holidays and the year to come are placed under the sign of good vibes galore, Melty gives you a simple idea but (unfortunately) too little used: to arouse a passion for sport in your loved ones. How do you go about it? We tell you everything in the following article!

Serenity, self-confidence, joy in everyday life… Here are precious gifts that everyone would like to be able to afford themselves and their loved ones as Christmas approaches. And come to think of it, these dream presents are precisely the benefits that sport brings when it is practiced with pleasure and regularity. Not to mention all the physical benefits, especially on the heart and lungs. Do you see where we are coming from…?

To make the people you love feel good in their sneakers all year long, the best gift you can give them is to make them want to play sports every day. And the good news is that there are many ways to do it! By offering equipment or a sports accessory? Hmmm, not only… Slipping a nice fitness outfit or a super bike under the tree: the idea is obviously great but let’s say that it is not enough… Because beyond being perfectly dressed, you also need a good dose of daily motivation. And let’s be honest, once the momentum of good resolutions has passed, the laziness often ends up catching up with us.

So for the urge to play sports to resist all the bad excuses (“I walked to the coffee machine three times today, that counts as sports, right?”), the idea is to offer useful gifts to concretely help to get started.

Here are 3 ideas inspired by Decathlon to ignite (and last!) a passion for sport around you.

Idea n°1: a voucher for “a sports session with me”

Playing sports alone is not fun every day, and it often ends up being a source of demotivation. So for the gift to be doubly useful, why not wet your swimsuit too? When there are two of us, we motivate each other more easily and we can chat at the same time as we train. We exert ourselves, we share a moment together… and we look forward to this meeting every time!

Concretely, how does it materialize under the tree? For example, you can offer two identical sports t-shirts to your BFF/brother/sister/cousin… by explaining to him that there is one for you and one for him/her. All this, accompanied by a voucher for “a session with me” to launch this new little sporting ritual in duoor even a link to sports advice, whatever the sport chosen, to help them get started and progress afterwards. We treat ourselves with a gift that makes sense, and we treat ourselves in the process. What more ?

Idea°2: a sports getaway

The best way to convince loved ones that sport can rhyme with pleasure? By taking them on a sporting getaway!

Nature desires? Over a day, a weekend or more, going on a hike is the promise of marveling at beautiful landscapes, while working out and creating unforgettable memories. To trudge well guided, Decathlon has developed an ingenious app, Decathlon outdoor which lists 20,000 hiking trails throughout France, and for all levels. Thanks to its GPS functionality (which also works without a network), the app guides walkers to the starting point of the walk, then all along the way, indicating the directions and paths to take.

To concoct a nice gift, a good idea is to take screenshots of the most beautiful routes that you want your loved ones to discover, directly from the app. Then have them printed on calendars to offer for Christmas. Each month, a new hike is planned: everyone can organize themselves in advance to schedule this sporting outing with family or friends. And of course, depending on the budget, nothing prevents you from completing this gift with a pair of hiking shoes… or an electric VTC (well, we have the right to dream, right?).

Another getaway idea, close to home or not: sports sessions to book on Decathlon activities. Thanks to several partners based in the four corners of France, Decathlon offers to book many sports lessons to break the routine and live new experiences. Objective ? Maintain the sporting flame throughout the year and never get tired. Yes, because sport must first be a story of love!

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Idea n°3: a bib for a competition

Running, trail running, cycling… Whatever physical activity you do, there’s nothing better to motivate yourself than having a goal in sight! So why not offer a bib for a sports competition? Much more than a simple piece of paper, this gift is also a great proof to motivate yourself. In a way, it’s implicitly saying to the person you’re spoiling “I believe in you, I know you can do it”. And of course: “I will accompany you in this preparation”. (yes because why not do it with her/him?)

The bonus gift? To complete this beautiful attention at a lower cost, we can also share a program to get started: Decathlon Coach. This free app offers many virtual coachings in all disciplines to progress and vary the pleasures so that you never get bored and stay motivated over the long term. In anticipation of a challenge such as an official race, coaching programs are offered: “progress over 5 km in 8 weeks”; “finishing your first 10 km”… It’s super well put together and it really helps you progress.

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Christmas: those gifts that last longer than a one-night stand!