Citroen launches “Citroen Citizen Services”: a new comprehensive service program for Zen and Responsible Mobility

Citroen e-C4 X

Aware of the current challenges of our society, Citroën wants to supplement the exceptional physical comfort of its models by offering a relaxed and responsible global automotive experience through a comprehensive program of innovative services: “Citroën Citizen Services ®”.

Citroen is recognized for its program Citroën Advanced Comfort®, which offers an exceptional level of comfort on board its cars. Today, we are extending this attention to all the elements that make it easier to own a thermal or electric vehicle. », explains Laurent Barria, Marketing and Communication Director of Citroen. “As part of our desire to make mobility more accessible, more responsible and more serene, “Citizen” is Citroën’s commitment to simplify the lives of our customers by offering them new services and experiences, in order to increase their sense of well-being and as part of a committed approach that cares about the footprint of mobility. »

With this extensive portfolio of services brought together under the label ” Citroen Citizen Services ®”, customers will be able to enjoy a mobility experience that is both serene and reasoned.


Citroën accompanies its customers like a “guardian angel” throughout their buying journey and the life of their vehicle thanks to a complete range of services, which reassures them on a daily basis, facilitates their procedures and reinforces confidence with the brand in valuing advice, responsibility, serenity and accessibility.

Advice with CITROËN ADVISOR, a service launched in 2016, which allows customers to obtain a 5-star rating and authenticated consumer opinions, in complete transparency and at all stages of their journey. To date, more than 500,000 reviews have already been submitted by Citroën customers worldwide.

  • PRODUCT ADVISOR : from their first searches on the internet, the customer can consult the opinions and ratings on all the models in the Citroën range.
  • POINT OF SALE ADVISOR : at the time of purchase, the customer can consult the reviews of dealerships and sellers to choose the point of sale that best suits them.
  • ADVISOR SERVICES : finally, throughout the life of their vehicle, the customer can consult the opinions of other Citroën customers on the workshops in which they have left their vehicle to carry out their maintenance operations.

Responsibility thanks to services encouraging peaceful driving.

  • INSURANCE ADAPTED TO THE MODE OF DRIVING. Citroën offers customers of vehicles equipped with a telematics box to subscribe to connected insurance, developed by Stellantis Insurance, the premiums of which can be reduced according to the data received from the vehicle concerning the way it is driven. A 10% discount is applied to the subscription and the owner will keep this discount for the duration of the contract. Through responsible and positive driving, customers also benefit from additional discounts calculated around three vehicle data indicators: acceleration, braking and speed. This data is recorded during the journeys and analyzed every month to define a driving score which will determine the additional reduction they will be able to benefit from on their insurance premium for the following year. (New in 2022)

Peace of mind thanks to reassuring services for traveling and servicing your Citroën.

  • MY CITROËN ASSIST : which allows you to call Citroën assistance 24 hours a day from your car, and to be located by the emergency services in the event of an emergency, such as when an airbag is triggered, for example.
  • ON LINE BOOKING which makes it easy to make an appointment online at the workshop of your choice, directly from the My Citroën application.
  • 24/7 SERVICE which allows you to drop off and pick up your vehicle at the time of your choice thanks to an automatic terminal.
  • PICK-UP & DELIVERY : a Citroën driver travels to the customer to take charge of his vehicle and return it to him in order to carry out its maintenance.
  • VIDEOCHECK, this service allows in the event of additional intervention noted to send to the customer having left his car at the workshop an explanatory video and a detailed estimate. Extra transparency and trust acclaimed by 95% of our customers.
  • E-BOOK MAINTENANCE, thanks to the My Citroën application, the customer benefits from a dematerialized maintenance log. For example, he will be alerted when it is time to carry out his service or will be able to consult the maintenance history of his vehicle.
  • SERVICE ON WHEELSa mobile workshop for intervention at the place chosen by the customer, deployed in certain countries including India in order to complete the coverage of our network of workshops

Accessibility in the maintenance of your vehicle whatever its age.

  • EASY ACCESS TO ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS FROM END OF LIFE VEHICLES. This service will be possible thanks to the deployment of a dedicated website on which customers can search for and acquire the parts they need and which will be delivered to their homes. Easy and economical, this solution will encourage them to keep their vehicle in good condition by changing defective parts at a lower cost. The customer will be able to benefit from a purchase price of up to 70% lower than the price of the new part and will thus contribute to increasing the actual recycling rate by reusing used parts. (New in 2022)


A committed player in the energy transition, Citroën deploys a set of solutions for its customers to easily and stress-free understand a new way of traveling in electric, whether in preparing for their journey, identifying and paying for points. recharging, to have occasional access to a thermal car, to be accompanied in the use of its plug-in hybrid vehicle or to benefit from dedicated service contracts promoting recyclability.

Peace of mind thanks to support services in the daily use of your electric vehicle.

  • ACCESS TO THE PRIVATE AND PUBLIC RECHARGE SERVICES of Free2Move eSolutions which help customers find the best solutions for charging, both at home and on the go. The customer can thus be accompanied in the choice and installation of a wall-mounted charging box at the location of his choice after a precise analysis of his needs, his electrical installation, and dedicated financing offers. When traveling, by being connected to the Free2Move global mobility portal offering access to 260,000 charging stations in Europe, the driver will be able to quickly see the charging points available and their prices, and unlock the charging point on arrival in using the eSolutions Charging app or the eSolutions card.
  • TRIP PLANNING, an essential tool for arriving at your destination with complete peace of mind, using the My Citroën app to plan your trip. The app shows the most convenient charging stations along the route, as well as the estimated time of arrival based on the car’s current state of charge and the time needed to charge it along the way, if needed. Once the best route option has been decided, it can be sent directly from the application to the My Citroën Drive Plus connected interface of its ë-C4 Where ë-C4 Xand the journey can begin.

The possibility of meeting specific occasional needs.

  • ONE-TIME LOAN OF A THERMAL VEHICLE. ë-C4 owners in France benefit from the free loan of a thermal vehicle for 7 days over the 2-year warranty period, i.e. for example the equivalent of a 3-day weekend per year, in order to to facilitate their mobility in the event of specific need requiring more versatility, such as during an occasional trip to an area poorly covered by public charging. This service will be deployed in Europe on all electric vehicles in the Citroën range in 2023. (New for 2022)
  • Customers of an electric vehicle subscribing to the maintenance service contract will benefit from a loan for a period of one week per year, free of charge, for the duration of the contract. They will be able to subscribe later to an additional week, paying.

Responsibility in the maintenance of your electric vehicle.

  • SUSTAINABLE AND RESPONSIBLE SERVICE CONTRACTS. Citroën will offer customers of electric models the possibility of benefiting from a service contract, which includes the use of recycled or remanufactured parts approved by the manufacturer, whenever possible. An approach to maximize the reuse of parts and thus reduce the carbon footprint associated with vehicle maintenance. (New in 2022)

Optimization in driving and use of a plug-in hybrid model.

  • PHEV PLUG-IN REMINDER helps to get the most out of the use of its plug-in hybrid model by prompting the customer to recharge their battery when they are not doing enough. The vehicle analyzes usage behavior and, if necessary, sends a notification to the central screen after five days and ten journeys made without recharging.
  • PHEV CONNECTa service offered to professional customers, free for the first year, which allows fleet managers to reduce consumption and emissions by analyzing users’ usage and charging behavior, in order to encourage and support them in a process of more efficient use of their plug-in hybrid vehicle.
  • PHEV REWARD PROGRAM. It will allow each customer of a plug-in hybrid model to collect points each time they recharge their vehicle. These points will allow him to afford free public refills or vouchers for train journeys. (Launching in 2023)

” With ” Citroen Citizen Services®”, we are transforming the experience of our customers by offering them very special attention made of serenity, the hallmark of Citroën”, declares Laurent Barria. “Although the ‘Citizen’ range of services is already extensive, this is only the beginning of the story. In line with the Stellantis group’s mission to offer safe and responsible mobility, Citroën will continue to offer new, even more accessible, innovative and sustainable mobility services across its entire range, designed to improve our lives at home. all. »

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Citroen launches “Citroen Citizen Services”: a new comprehensive service program for Zen and Responsible Mobility