CSR: We Go GreenR will support nearly 3,000 Overseas accommodation

We Go GreenR wins the call for tenders “Sustainable Tourism Overseas” launched by Atout France

By winning the call for tender launched by the State, We Go GreenR will support nearly 3,000 overseas establishments in their CSR approach. The platform needs to expand its recruitment and resolve some confusion that reigns with one of its competitors.

Marie-Pierre Schaubroek and Stéphane Vincent-Montagnon, the co-founders (©WeGoGreenR)

Marie-Pierre Schaubroek and Stéphane Vincent-Montagnon, the co-founders (©WeGoGreenR)

Born on the 1st day of confinement, in March 2020, We Go GreenR was first oriented towards the general public with its platform of eco-responsible accommodation and tourist experiences. Very quickly, she added a training module to generate other income. Well he took it.

Throwing We Go GreenR (We become greener in French translation), Marie-Pierre Schaubroeck and Stephane Vincent Montagnon gave themselves a double challenge: put their professional activity in line with their ecological awareness and make it a business that is not only virtuous but profitable.

The platform therefore addressed all accommodations in France that wanted to ride the green wave and an exit from confinement that pushed travelers towards the local, the responsible, the authentic. Since the launch, the selection is made by rotating an algorithm based on 117 criteria.

The ecological radioscopy makes it possible to determine a score from 0 to 5. You can join We Go GreenR from 1, but it is better to approach 5 to have the real benefit of responsible reservations.

1,000 listed accommodations and a well-supported start-up

By dint of communication, activation of social networks, laudatory articles on the We Go GreenR approach has managed to bring together 1,000 accommodations in France, to do a first fundraiser a year ago, attracting a dozen business angels who contributed 400,000 euros.

At the same time, the Bordeaux start-up was noticed by several “Labs” which decided to support or even accelerate its development: the Welcome City Lab in Paris, the Lab in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the Lekko in Charente-Maritime and, more recently, the Open Tourisme Lab in Nîmes where part of the team has established itself.

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We are well surrounded by the eco-system “, welcomes Stéphane Vincent-Montagnon, who can also line up a few awards including the Start-Up Prize at the IFTM Top Resa.

It is also thanks to this, thanks to the expertise of the business angels who support us, that we very quickly consolidated the business model. Living off commissions on reservations implies volumes that we cannot reach quickly. It was therefore necessary to find another source, BtoB, which feeds the income and completes the strategy. From where GreenFlow “.

A 100% digital training course in 3 stages

CSR: We Go GreenR will support nearly 3,000 Overseas accommodation

GreenFlow also responds to a request from hosts who ended up with a rating of 0 or slightly higher after the algorithm was run.

How do I get them to climb the ladder? ” At the time, we did not have the answer and it was a shame to leave these hosts on the side of the road if they wanted to progress “, adds the co-founder. ” We took the time to build this 100% digital journey to support all tourist accommodation in their CSR transition, regardless of their size and geographical area. It has been operational since the beginning of 2022”.

The complete training process takes place in three successive and complementary stages:
GreenFlow Diagnosis allows you to take stock of the eco-responsible approach of your accommodation, and thus obtain a personalized action plan.

Comes next GreenFlow Academya 100% online training on sustainable development and eco-responsibility through fifteen workshops covering the challenges of sustainable tourism, resource management (energy, water, waste), mobility, food… These workshops combine both a playful and pragmatic approach by taking examples from the daily life of a tourist establishment, and by proposing existing solutions to meet the issues concerned.

To finish, GreenFlow Solutions allows tourist establishments to find the best eco-responsible solutions to their problems while saving, on average, 10% on the usual costs.

Once the course has been completed, and after having taken concrete steps, the establishments can be referenced on We Go GreenR, if they wish, and justify the investment in the training with hard-earned reservations.

A winning call for tenders which opens up great prospects

A potential of 3,000 training accommodations in Overseas France to be included in the inventory (©WeGoGreenR)

A potential of 3,000 training accommodations in Overseas France to be included in the inventory (©WeGoGreenR)

Fairly quickly, GreenFlow seduced the Aquitaine region and two departments. A few days ago We Go GreenR has just won the tender launched by Atout Francewith funding from the Overseas Ministry, to take charge of 3,000 Overseas accommodations which will begin a CSR approach with GreenFlow.

From September, the hosts of 7 territories (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Reunion Island, Mayotte, Polynesia and New Caledonia) will benefit from the program free of charge to lead their ecological transition.

The work carried out by our team over the past two years is recognized and valued today by the government through Atout France and this major partnership.

There is still a lot to do in terms of sustainable tourism and we are providing an effective solution to accelerate the ecological transition of the tourism sector,” says Stéphane Vincent-Montagnon, who also sees tremendous recruitment potential in training.

It is urgent to replenish the inventory

Because the path of a start-up is punctuated by chaotic phases. At the start of the year, We Go GreenR’s portfolio shrunk like hell, dropping from 1,000 to 500 addresses.

The technological evolution of the reservation platform has put off some members who have not been able to follow. It is therefore urgent to replenish the inventory to provide coverage worthy of the promise.

Our priority objective is to go back to 1,000 referenced accommodations by next September, 2,000 before the end of the year, and 5,000 in the medium term. “, announces the leader. A disproportionate goal? The answer is quick: One out of 10 commercial accommodation in France has taken a step but only 1 out of 100 is labeled. There is therefore enormous potential to be realized, in particular by supporting them in the process “.

The evolution of GreenFlow has accelerated beyond the initial forecasts and this rather reinforces the necessary consolidation of the business model. Fourteen employees are mobilized in commando mode and six others will join them this fall. A new fundraiser with the same business angels could intervene if the need arises.

They have understood and support our BtoB/BtoC hybrid model “, welcomes Stéphane Vincent-Montagnon. “ We do not yet want to call on investment funds because it is important to maintain a human relationship with our investors, especially since we are a Social and Solidarity Company and they must share this commitment”.

Putting an end to obvious brand confusion

Remains a thorn in the side of the founders, the parallel development of a competitor born after them who consistently follows a similar strategy. In a word, what about relations with GreenGothe platform born a year later, which has just taken over the pioneer Vaovert.

The similarity of the brands creates obvious confusion in the minds of the hosts “says the young entrepreneur.

Not a day goes by that we don’t receive emails from hoteliers who think they are members with us. and requesting information, or responding to requests that we did not make. If it’s already confusing with hosts, it’s just as much with customers who confuse sites “.

Exchanges have not been lacking throughout 2021 between the founders of the two start-ups without a satisfactory solution being found.

The litigation is bogged down and could move on to a new phase requiring arbitration. ” There is plenty of room for several players and above all we do not want to be the only ones in a booming sector, but a minimum of clarity is essential. “, pleads Stéphane Vincent-Montagnon.

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Responsible Travel Caesars

Remember that TourMaG and the Petit Futé organize “The Caesars of Responsible Travel”.

With a monthly audience of several million Internet users, the two titles will ensure the BtoBtoC promotion of candidate projects.

This event will begin in September 2022 with the voting phase lasting until February 2023.

The Responsible Travel Césars ceremony will take place in March 2023.

If you wish to apply, make an appointment below with Fabien da Luz, Associate CEO of TourMaG.com.

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CSR: We Go GreenR will support nearly 3,000 Overseas accommodation