2022 half-year results:

Confirmation of high growth prospects:

  • 2022 booking target above €13m

  • Successful launch of R3, an electric mobility operator subsidiary

  • Securing financing with the partnership Banque des Territoires & Amundi Transition Energétique

Brebières, Friday October 28, 2022 – The DBT group (Euronext Growth – ALDBT), European expert in electric mobility, offering sustainable solutions for the energy transition, today published its half-year results for the 2022 financial year.

In K€ (1) S1 2021 H1 2022 Variation
TURNOVER 2,125 4,610 +116.9%
GROSS MARGIN 393 587 +49.3%
OPERATING RESULT -3,149 -2,602 ns
NET PROFIT -2,965 -2,572 ns
  1. Unaudited data

Strong growth in activity in 1er semester 2022

After a 2021 financial year, which had recorded a strong recovery in the group’s activity, the pace accelerated further in the 1er half of 2022 with the quadrupling of DBT CEV sales. The final half-year turnover amounts to 4,610 K€, an increase of 116.9% compared to the same period of the previous financial year.

Results impacted by the increase in the price of components and the recruitment needed to consolidate the group’s growth

Gross margin was €587,000, with sustained growth of 49.3%. However, it progressed less strongly than the activity due to the increase in the cost of certain components used in the manufacture of terminals. However, the inflation noted on supplies was limited thanks to the preferential use of regional subcontractors.

Personnel costs amounted to €1,868,000, a slight increase of 2.1%. Other operating expenses decreased by €208,000 to €1,652,000. After taking into account depreciation and provisions for €641,000. The operating loss amounted to €2,602,000, i.e. a decrease of 17.4% compared to that recorded in 1er semester of 2021, continuing the improvement trend recorded in 2021. In the absence of other significant elements, the Result comes out at -€2,572 thousand at 1er semester 2022.

Balance sheet analysis

As of June 30, 2022, DBT’s equity amounted to €11,826 thousand compared to €10,348 thousand as of December 31, 2021, an increase of €1,478 thousand. The growth is mainly due to the conversion of convertible bonds into shares and the exercise of warrants under the equity financing contract signed with ABO. Available cash was €1,293,000 compared to €218,000 at the start of the year. Financial debt improved by 28% to 993 K€ against 1,393 K€ at the end of the previous financial year.

Prospects still very favorable

DBT is raising its order intake target in 2022 to at least €13 million, which should enable it to achieve annual revenue of more than €10 million. On the day of publication of this press release, it has already reached €8 million. The historic booking level should also fuel business growth in 2023.

At the same time, DBT intends to continue its diversification towards the business of electric vehicle charging operator with its subsidiary R3. After recording its first commercial successes and deploying the first terminals in 2022, the group has taken a new step with the creation of R3 Infra Invest, a majority subsidiary of R3, formed in partnership with two renowned financial partners in renewable energy, the Banque des Territoires and Amundi Energy Transition. This entity, endowed with 50 M€, of which 20% comes from the DBT group, aims to transform and democratize the uses of electric mobility by investing in IRVE (Recharge Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles) projects. These projects will benefit from DBT equipment and will be operated by R3.

In this context, Alexandre Borgoltz, CEO of DBT declares:

“The successes achieved by the entire range of our electric charging stations are the result of past efforts which have enabled the design of new generation stations, the creation of new production and supply capacities adapted to our ambitions. The many challenges that will continue to mark the life of DBT motivate us all and I would particularly like to thank all the employees and partners who are all devoted to the success of our group”.

Founded in 1990, DBT is an industrial group specializing in energy management for the development of urban space and charging systems for all electric vehicles. Originally a supplier of electrical current transformers, the group now offers 4 ranges of activities:

  • The DBT Ingénierie subsidiary offers access control and energy distribution solutions, as well as low voltage current transformers.
  • The DBT-CEV subsidiary has been a recognized player for more than 30 years in innovative charging infrastructures for electric vehicles. The company has created a wide range of normal (3 to 8 hours), accelerated (1 to 3 hours), fast (- 30 minutes) and ultra-fast (- 20 minutes) charging stations. In 2018, DBT-CEV renewed 100% of its range of 7kW boxes, 7/22kW terminals and latest generation fast chargers from 50 to 150kW for all vehicles on the market, and the chargers of the future 350kW to dispense, and 150kW /900V for electric trucks and buses. With more than 2,500 fast chargers installed in 37 countries, DBT-CEV is a major player in the electric mobility market in Europe. Discover our range of chargers on www.dbt.fr/dbt-cev
  • The R3 subsidiary is accelerating the transition to more environmentally friendly mobility by tackling the challenges that are slowing down the adoption of electric vehicles: R3 provides users with a network of ultra-fast charging stations with terminals of up to to 150 kW. For more information on R3: www.R3-charge.fr
  • The Educare by DBT subsidiary, created in 2016, specializes in the training of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructures (IRVE) and in the training of EV approved maintenance technicians.

Based in Brebières in Hauts-de-France, the DBT group has been listed on Euronext Growth since December 2015.

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