Discover the exceptional collection “The best of the Goncourt prize”

The “Best of the Goncourt Prize” collection Le Figaro

Le Figaro and the Académie Goncourt offer you an exceptional collection of 40 works that have won the most prestigious literary prize.

Le Figaro and the Académie Goncourt present an exceptional collection: “The best of the Goncourt Prize“. The jurors of the most famous literary prizes and Le Figaro chose the 40 best books to have won the prize since its creation in 1903. Result? Forty works to discover or rediscover such as The Roots of Heaven by Romain Gary (currently on sale at an introductory price of €3.90), The human condition by André Malraux (from March 24, €12.90) will then come the novels of Jean-Christophe Rufin, Marcel Proust, Didier Decoin, or even Maurice Genevoix, Erik Orsenna, Michel Houellebecq… A new book is published every two weeks, on Thursdays. Each is prefaced by a member of the Academy.

Where and how can I get a book from the collection?

At your newsagent from March 10 every other Thursday (the first volume at €3.90, then €12.90 for the following ones), but also on the Figaro Store. Discover our subscription offer: receive 2 volumes at home each month for €16 the first month, then €25 per month (free shipping). Each book is also sold individually. The collection is available in bookstores from March 24.

Prestigious works

The Roots of Heaven, by Romain Gary, prefaced by Pascal Bruckner. François Bouchon / Le Figaro

Le Figaro wanted the collection “The Best of the Goncourt Prize” to be commensurate with the texts published. From the artistic direction to the printing, including the composition (or the model) and the choice of typography, under the leadership of the industrial management teams of the Figaro, everything has been designed so that reading comfort is optimal, and the book a beautiful editorial object, whatever its pagination. These Goncourt prizes range from 192 pages (Patrick Modiano, Marguerite Duras, Paule Constant, Émile Ajar) to 640 for Marcel Proust, and even 704 for Simone de Beauvoir, the most voluminous.

The books in our collection all have a rounded edge, and their binding offers an opening and a pleasant grip, enhanced by the cardboard cover whose rigidity guarantees hold and longevity, while the 52 gram Holmen Book Creamy paper displays softness and suppleness. An elegant bookmark makes it possible to mark its page, a case receives and protects the book, for a long time.

The list of 40 volumes to be published

Here is, in order of publication, the list of the forty novels chosen by the Académie Goncourt and Le Figaro and prefaced by a member of the jury.

  1. Roman Gary, The roots of heaven(1956), March 10, 2022
  2. Andre Malraux, The human condition(1933), March 24, 2022
  3. Jean-Christophe Rufin, Brazil Red(2001), April 7, 2022
  4. Marcel Proust, In the shade of the maidens in bloom(1919), April 21, 2022
  5. Didier Decoin, John Hell (1977), May 5, 2022
  6. Marguerite Duras, The Lover (1984), May 19, 2022
  7. Maurice Genevoix, Raboliot (1925), June 2, 2022
  8. Patrick Modiano, Obscure Shops Street(1978), June 16, 2022
  9. Marie Ndiaye, Three powerful women (2009), June 30, 2022
  10. Erik Orsenna, The Colonial Exhibition (1988), July 13, 2022
  11. Amin Maalouf, The Rock of Tanios ( 1993), July 28, 2022
  12. Laurent Gaude, The Sun of the Scortas(2004), August 11, 2022
  13. Andrei Makine, The French Testament ( 1995), August 25, 2022
  14. Jean Carriere, Maheux’s Sparrowhawk (1972), September 8, 2022
  15. Emile Ajar, The life ahead (1975), September 22, 2022
  16. Maurice Drunon, The Big Families (1948), October 6, 2022
  17. Paule Constant, Confidence for confidence (1998), October 20, 2022
  18. Simone de Beauvoir, Mandarins(1954), November 3, 2022
  19. Henry Barbusse, Fire (1916), November 17, 2022
  20. Roger Vercel, Captain Conan ( 1934), December 1, 2022
  21. Andre Schwarz-Bart, The Last of the Just(1959), December 15, 2022
  22. Dominique Fernández, In the hand of the angel ( 1982), December 29, 2022
  23. Michel Houellebecq, The Map and the Territory(2010), January 12, 2023
  24. Tahar Ben Jelloun, The Sacred Night (1987), January 26, 2023
  25. Roger Vailland, The law (1957), February 9, 2023
  26. Edmonde Charles-Roux Forget Palermo (1966), February 23, 2023
  27. Robert Merle, Weekend in Zuydcoote ( 1949), March 9, 2023
  28. Patrick Grainville, The Flamboyants (1976), March 23, 2023
  29. Elsa Triolet, The first hitch costs two hundred francs (1944), April 6, 2023
  30. Jean-Louis Bory, My village on German time (1945), April 20, 2023
  31. Jean Rouaud, Fields of Honor (1990), May 4, 2023
  32. Antonine Maillet, Pelagie-la-Charrette (1979), May 18, 2023
  33. Rene Maran, Batouala (1921), June 1, 2023
  34. Patrick Rambaud, The battle (1997), June 15, 2023
  35. Jacques Chessex, The Ogre (1973), June 29, 2023
  36. Pierre Gascar, The beasts (1953), July 13, 2023
  37. Michael Tournier, The Alder King (1970), July 27, 2023
  38. Leon Frapie, Kindergarten (1904), August 10, 2023
  39. Beatrix Beck, Léon Morin, priest (1952), August 24, 2023
  40. John-Antoine Nau,enemy strength(1903), September 7, 2023

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Discover the exceptional collection “The best of the Goncourt prize”