Dua Lipa has something in common with Queen Consort Camila Parker Bowles!

On October 17, Dua Lipa and Camila Parker Bowles crossed paths at the Booker Prize 2022. They even share a common point.

On the occasion of the Booker Prize 2022, singer Dua Lipa and queen-consort Camila Parker Bowles met. Moreover, they took the opportunity to evoke one of their great common point. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Dua Lipa: the queen of the party

As a singer, Dua Lipa necessarily has a sense of celebration. If she puts on a show during her concerts, the young woman also likes dance and sing outside of his job.

She has shown it many times over the past few months. For example, she celebrated with great fanfare his 27th birthday on August 22.

For the occasion, her sister Rina had planned everything for Dua to remember this day. On Instagram, she wrote: “Thank you for being my sister and teaching me everything I know. I’m grateful for you and so proud to be your little sister. I love you Dua!! ». A nice proof of love!

A few days later, Dua Lipa put it back, for a completely different occasion. In effect, great friend of Simon Jacquemusshe was invited to her wedding in a French Provençal village.

After the ceremony, the party was in full swing. The opportunity to see Dua Lipa wiggling on the song The Midnight Demons. An offbeat scene that amused a lot on the Web.

If Dua Lipa is a great party girl, she is also a distinguished guest at more prestigious ceremonies, such as the Booker Prize 2022.

The opportunity for her to meet the queen-consort Camila Parker Bowles and to discuss one of their common points. MCE TV tells you more!

Meeting at the top with Camila Parker Bowles

Dua Lipa is a regular at ceremonies. Whether in the context of her career as a singer or not, the interpreter of love again rubs shoulders with social evenings of all kinds.

For example, last August, the young woman became Honorary Ambassador of Kosovo. A title awarded to him by the country’s president, Vjosa Osmani.

But on October 17, it was an evening of a different kind that awaited Dua Lipa. Indeed, the singer has decided to go to the Booker Prize 2022, a famous ceremony of literature awards.

For the occasion, the Briton even gave the opening speech, explaining the inspiration that literature gives her in her texts. Moreover, Dua Lipa did not fail to share on his Instagram account.

After the ceremony, Dua Lipa therefore took the opportunity to mix with all the guests. Among them is Queen Consort Camila Parker Bowles. The two women then shared a moment of complicity.

Under the crowd of cameras, the two Britons exchanged a few minutes on a subject that affects them both: the struggle for literacy.

Being committed to this cause, Dua Lipa and Camila Parker Bowles had to agree on certain points. From there to lead to concrete measures? Case to follow!

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Dua Lipa has something in common with Queen Consort Camila Parker Bowles!