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Like bedding or breakfast, Wifi in the hotel is essential for customer satisfaction. And yet, even in 2022 it is still sometimes synonymous with bad customer reviews. But then, what are the 5 keys to equipping a hotel with WiFi? ? Our experts tell you everything.

How to ensure good network coverage throughout the hotel ?

Network coverage is the #1 sign of good Wi-Fi: customers want to see as many signal bars as possible on their phone. Brand new hotel, historic building or small boutique hotel, all can offer good Wi-Fi network coverage :

  • Recent hotels: the double radio Wifi 6 terminals are the most efficient. Placed in the corridors, they broadcast the signal to the surrounding rooms.
  • Hotels with thick walls or with isolated rooms: we install wallplates, small discreet terminals, directly in the rooms. This also allows you to bring the TV and the telephone.
  • In some old buildings, when it is not possible to use RJ45 wiring, WiFi is broadcast via the telephone network.

Fiber, fiber pro, VDSL: how to choose the right Internet connection ?

At the hotel as at home, customers want Wi-Fi without slowdown. But the new uses are very greedy in speed: series, video calls or even social networks… For this, having the right internet connection is essential. Fiber, fiber pro, VDSL, the speed provided and the price offered depend on the location of the hotel. That is why players like Passman consult all market operatorsand offer you the best connection adapted to your needs, without blowing your budget.

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For large carriers or with a strong seminar activity, fiber becomes essential. But how to choose the right offer ? The advantage of pro fiber (FTTO) is that it guarantees a minimum throughput at all times. While the consumer fiber (FTTH) offers up to 1 Gbps, not guaranteed, at now very attractive prices. It often has an unbeatable flow-price ratio. For hotels that are not eligible for fiber, several ADSL / VDSL lines can also be aggregated, and that is more than enough.

When all customers are connected in the evening, how to avoid Wifi slowdowns ?

Even with a good internet connection and a high-performance Wi-Fi installation, the challenge is to maintain fast Wifi when all clients are connected at the same time to watch their series. That’s why Passman engineers designed an algorithm that distributes throughput among users intelligently. Emails, social networks, video calls or Netflix, everyone receives the level of speed they need in real time. This technological layer is essential so that even during connection peaksall customers can enjoy optimal connection comfort, and you a good Wifi rating on Booking.

How to have a secure WiFi that complies with legal obligations ?

Did you know that if a customer consults illegal content you can be held responsible ? Hotels are required by law to keep login data secure for 12 months. In the event of a police investigation, you must be able to provide this information. This is why operators like Passman assume this responsibility for you. The data is stored securely, and delivered to the responsible authorities when required.

How to integrate my connected services on my WiFi ?

Cameras, connected locks, communication screens, telephony, tablets, printers… the proper functioning of your equipment now relies on Wifi. Also, you probably need independent secure networks for your staff, your coworkers or your seminars, with a guaranteed throughput. To do this, the Passman technical teams create network bubbles (VLAN) within your Wifi, with easy access adapted to your needs, and a reserved speed if necessary.

Leader in hotel Wifi for 27 years, Passman equips 1 out of 3 hotels in France. Discover their turnkey Wi-Fi solution with guaranteed results 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. And easily add connected solutions, managed by a single point of contact: TV, Chromecast, telephony, dynamic display screenscameras…

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Equip a Hotel with Wifi: 5 key tips – TendanceHotellerie