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And why not become the travel Amazon of tomorrow!

EURAM, the Belgian player specializing in travel-tech with its EURAM Creative Packaging platform and its technological solution Planisto intended to facilitate the sale of travel by tourism professionals, is on the starting blocks for 2023!

Proud of the development of EURAM and its technological solutions, Peter Keijers, CEO and founder accompanied by Christoph Klenner, who recently joined the management team as Chief Strategy Officer, engage in a game of questions and answers on the future of the company for 2023.

In full progress and with increased development of the Euram brand with tourism professionals, in Europe and particularly in France, what are the lessons or the strong actions that have enabled Euram to continue its activity during this Covid crisis which has particularly affected this sector?

For Christoph Klenner “During this long period, we had an overflowing activity at Euram. The team has also brilliantly respected the adage “never waste a good crisis” by continuing to develop Planisto’s technology, resulting today in a brilliant product that solves many existing problems in this rather complex sector. what is the manufacture and sale of travel. »

Peter Keijers would like to recall the mission of the platform which has guided this desire for development and permanent work by the teams to improve this product again and again. “Offered to TO’s, OTA’s, travel agencies and suppliers, the EURAM Creative Packaging platform, which relies on Planisto’s technology, makes it possible to create complete trips and itineraries that can be booked immediately. This tool, available in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France, thus meets the needs of professionals to improve their productivity while meeting the demands of travellers. They can thus create and manage their content, take advantage of connectivity rates with many suppliers, apply their contractual policy by composing and booking tailor-made trips. They can also provide personalized quotes, roadbooks and travel documents. »

In addition to the technological aspect, the human factor plays an important role in your development, what does the arrival of Christoph Klenner in your team underline?

PK “I am fascinated whenever someone with a tech background chooses the travel industry to dive into and then decides to take an active role in growing the industry. This is exactly what Christoph Klenner did. He looks with respect to the “accomplishments” of the Euram team, but he quickly realized that with Planisto, an idea has been developed that has the potential to stimulate the market. Turns out, Christoph isn’t as new to the travel industry as we first thought. On the contrary, the man has extensive experience as a consultant and was co-founder and, for 8 years, general secretary of EU Travel Tech, the European organization that oversees travel tech platforms. Its members include names like Amadeus,, Expedia and Tripadvisor. And he’s worked for Emirates, Japan Airlines and NetJets, to name a few. He was a seed investor (seed capital is the money a start-up needs to grow from an idea to a business model, i.e. before it can recover any money) in Luxury Week and Style Search.

All the factors seem to have returned to green for Euram and its Planisto platform. How do you see the future?

CK “I am convinced that technology will take the entire travel industry to the next level that it so badly needs. Indeed, I have a lot of experience in this sector and I was able to accompany certain start-ups towards their rise. The growth of the tourism sector over the past decades is truly impressive. Technology has played a big role, but I think the new and refreshing approach I’ve found here will lead to ‘golden days’ like we haven’t seen yet. »

PK “This dynamic has been with us since the beginning, which has resulted in bringing a unique product to the market today. It also means we have to move fast, because technology never stops. Believe me, I know how fast copiers can work – so we need to stay ahead of them as we continue to refine, expand and evolve the system with today’s and tomorrow’s market. In all the years I’ve been in the travel business, I’ve never seen such a need for conversion as I do today. Everyone is reorienting, suppliers are concerned about maintaining their grip on the market, every company is struggling with the “new productivity” and deployment of staff, pricing is a challenge… the market has been shaken and the main solution to regain profitability, lies in technology. And we have to believe that this is where the shoe pinches for many parties. And we are here to answer these problems. »

Will Euram be the travel Amazon of tomorrow?

CK “Yes, Planisto has the potential to become the Amazon of travel. A place where all players can set up their stores, together creating a “global marketplace”, where all possible businesses can display their own content, in their own brand environment, with full control over supply, price and sales channels. This transcends traditional thinking in limited silos, and can remove the complexity of travel supply and consumption for any business and for consumers as well. So I think we’re offering a solution, not for a specific problem, but to realize an industry-wide opportunity. »

PK continues, “So we are actively interested in talking to investors so we can deploy Planisto quickly, globally as far as I’m concerned. We need to be able to take advantage of market opportunities and we need to be able to grow quickly. After our excellent performance at the HEDNA conference where we were awarded and after “onboarding” Christoph, we immediately noticed the interest of investors… another positive sign for this coming new year! »

EURAM France is represented by mN’Organisation.

About Euram

EURAM is a private Belgian company whose capital is held by key managers of the company. Associate member of the ABTO (Belgian Association of Tour Operators), EURAM is insured throughout the European Union against financial default by the Belgian Travel Guarantee Fund. EURAM can be described as a hybrid company creating a synergy between marketing, travel professionals, and a team of highly qualified computer engineers to provide an answer to the challenges of the future.

The solutions :

Creative Packaging™: free interactive digital solution for designing and selling tailor-made trips.

Planisto™ Travel Platform is the technology that powers Creative Packaging. It is built on the basis of the most advanced technological tools allowing a permanent updating. This technology is the result of many years of experience and research in the field of tailor-made travel sales. Thanks to the close synergy between technological engineering and tourism professionals, it offers thoughtful solutions adapted to the challenges of tomorrow.

The time between needs, ideas, analysis and developments is extremely short. By using agile management and continuous deployment practices, new developments can be tested immediately and changes or fixes can be deployed with low risk and in the shortest possible time.

With Planisto™ technology, the possibilities of Creative Packaging™ are scalable and adaptable to the needs of every travel professional. Thus, Planisto™ can therefore be described as the tailor-made technological solution for the entire process of the customer journey for professionals. Thanks to its unique solution, Planisto has already won two innovation awards and is attracting growing international interest from both supplier partners and travel agent partners, which also includes vertical and horizontal integrators.

The team:

Creativity, involvement and enthusiasm are the main characteristics of the EURAM team. A flat organizational structure involves all employees, from managers to all employees. Decisions are made on the basis of broad consensus. Support, operations and product employees are known and recognized by its customers and suppliers. The creativity and ingenuity of our IT team are highly valued and our sales team is renowned for its professionalism, enthusiasm and involvement. FacebookLinkedin

About mN’Organization

Benefiting from more than 20 years of business expertise and a solid relational network, Murielle Nouchy created mN’Organisation, a 360° agency in the tourism and lifestyle industry, in 2004. mN’Organisation operates both at the consulting as well as the implementation of technological, commercial and marketing strategies specific to the Tourism and Leisure and Lifestyle Industry.

mN’Organisation represents in France:

Destinations and Lifestyle: American Brewers Association, High Sierra Visitor Council, Los Angeles Tourism, West Hollywood, Santa Monica Travel & Tourism, Greater Palm Springs and the deserts of California, Jordan Tourism Board, Worldpride Sidney 2023

Hotel, attractions and receptive division: Diethelm Travel, Warner Bros

Technology Division: EURAM

Digital division: OT Croatia

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EURAM strengthens its activities and affirms its ambitions for 2023 » PACA’s economic and political newsletter