Focus on Live From Earth, one of Berlin’s most creative and unifying gangs

Multicaps and upcycling

On the Live From Earth label rub shoulders the big releases of Yung Hurn and very confidential projects like the anamosity tape, a tape of Memphis trending beats by a certain DJ Creep, who also produces for some of the label’s rappers. Behind this alias hides Jacob, a key member of the crew. The boss of the sub-label Live From Earth Club, on which LFE’s electronic graded records come out? It’s him. The resident Bauernfeind, who can be found behind the decks at almost every one of their parties? It’s him again. This stacking of caps forms the heart of the Live From Earth model. Moritz, the fashion gentleman of the collective, curly hair, big smile, agrees: “ We don’t have departments, with clearly assigned roles, like a business. We always try to do everything between us, as a team, and everyone has to be involved. It slows down the process, but the most important thing is that we are happy and proud of what we get out. Business success is never our priority. »

Still, he is often there. Live From Earth apparel is a hot snap among streetwear fans and ravers alike. In question, an eye for iconic designs – their flagship T-shirt features Berlin’s unofficial logo, a cheerful kebab vendor whose hat and mustache can be found on all the döner wrappers in the city – and an affection for the capsule collections. Example, their latest series of nine sweatshirts, sewn in a patchwork style from screen-printed fabric scraps and dyed by hand to give them a second life. By scrutinizing these clothes, we can identify the previous collections from which the scraps come: here a “Never Sleep” logo, a sign of a collaboration with the label of Italian producer/DJ/designer Alberto Guerrini, alias Gabber Eleganza; there a URAF acronym, for United Ravers Against Fascisma compilation released on Live From Earth Klub in 2020.


Everything is possible

The militant origins of the collective are regularly reflected in its productions. Sometimes actually – all recipes on the disc URAF was donated to associations – sometimes symbolically, with pins representing a police car in flames or a black candle in the shape of a molotov cocktail. Another committed gesture, the fabrics used are all sourced from the same Portuguese supplier. The finishes of the clothes (embroidery, printing, dyeing) are entirely carried out in the workshop, in the pure DIY tradition. This attachment to home-made allows Live From Earth to diversify without spreading itself too thin. Its members sum up the approach in two inseparable mantras: firstly, no idea is unachievable or irrelevant, unless it goes against their values. Secondly, everything is, as much as possible, done within the collective. Moritz resumes: Trust is essential with us. Our common vision, we start to cultivate it long before starting a project, and we realize it when we manage to put our ego aside and listen to each other, to work together by considering that we all have the same value. . »

The 7 track EP Virgin d’Ascendant Vierge, a Franco-Belgian duo at the crossroads of gothic pop and hard music, is one of the latest records released on Live From Earth Klub. Paul Seul, co-founder of Casual Gabberz and half of the project with Mathilde Fernandez, agrees with Moritz’s comments. ” They don’t get involved in a project if it isn’t to give carte blanche. I remember Jacob telling us: “If you have a Virgo Ascendant EP, I put it out, I don’t even have to listen to it”. Paul Seul met the collective during a booking in 2017, when the Berliners invited Casual Gabberz to play at St. Georg. The connection is obvious, they have after all initiated frapcore, a gabber doped with samples of French rap. But how to explain Live From Earth’s acquaintances with pure products of the electronic scene, like the Parisian label and collective Possession, a benchmark for warehouse parties, for which Live From Earth resident DJ Gigola recently recorded a podcast?

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Techno city

The answer is written on a t-shirt on the back of which is a tombstone. On the latter, a list: 103 Club. Bar 25. Broken Hearts Club. Brunnenstrasse 183. Beate-Uhse-House. Cookies. Deep. Ex und Pop… » 28 names of clubs in total, 28 lights of the Berlin nightlife having gone out of business, some more than ten years ago. The model of the t-shirt is called RIP Berlin and he is one of the few not to be sold out on Live From Earth website. ” This t-shirt is a tribute to the clubs that taught us to party. DJ Gigola looks up as her mind takes her back fifteen years. ” Tuesday, you go to the Cookies Club. Wednesday you go to Watergate. Thursday is the Weekend club. Friday is Arena or Picknick. On Saturday, anything could happen, and we were back on the Weekend rooftop on Sunday to see Ellen Allien play BPitch Control. » It was in 2006. “ Deep house was still cool, we listened to electroclash, Ed Banger, Uffie, Justice… »

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Focus on Live From Earth, one of Berlin’s most creative and unifying gangs