Free Agency 2022: PJ Tucker close to joining the Sixers

Free Agency 2022 starts tomorrow night. One day before the fair, some rumors are gaining momentum. Simply hypothesized last week, the transfer of PJ Tucker to Philly is now one of those files that could be completed as soon as the FA opens. He hasn’t bought his plane ticket yet, but we’re getting closer.

Since the Heat strong winger declined his player option, Daryl Morey makes eyes at him, and he’s right. Between Miami who wants to extend it and Milwaukee who would like to see him return to Wisconsin, the ball is now in the Sixers’ court. Last week, during the draft, we were talking abouta trade sending Matisse Thybulle and the 23rd pick to Floridabut that would have failed and Philly is now discussing checks. The amount ? $30 million over three seasons, according to the latest information from Philadelphia Inquirer. However, there are already very big contracts in the Philadelphia workforce. Between the 33.6 million of Joël Embiid, James Harden who will surely activate his player option at 47.3 mimi, and the million dollar ball that Tobias Harris has been dragging with him for three years already, it is not easy to make room for Attachment Tucker. But no worries, the Sixers exceed the luxury tax two million pesos and don’t have much to do with it since they could use their mid-level exception in order to sign Tucker, without worrying about the salary cap. The experience, the hardness, the defense and the 3-point shots in the corner at top speed, it’s priceless.

We would therefore approach a meeting within the Eastern Conference between GM Daryl Morey, James Harden and PJ Tucker. Between the Houston Sixers and the Philadelphia Rockets, we let you choose the name you prefer. The cherry ? Eric Gordon is also in the Papelards to join the Texas party relocated to the Atlantic coast. Always according to Philadelphia Inquirera trade to three teams during the draft – always with the painter Thybulle and the 23rd choice – would have been mentioned. This move would have freed up payroll, but unfortunately failed. The Sixers are still on the hunt for a shooter after they traded their former sniper on a knee, Danny Green, to Memphis. But as scratched above, the luxury tax is exceeded and the salary cap is not so far from the head of Daryl Morey. It is still likely that some kids will leave Philly from Thursday, to make way for more experienced boys, ready to finally convert the Joel Embiid era, into a ring around the ring finger.

Soon on your screens, the arrival of the Philadelphia Rockets. Daryl Morey has recovered a recipe that worked with 65 wins in 2017-18, added some nice elements like a two-time MVP finalist, and continues to format his machine, with, ideally, NBA Finals this season. next.

Text source: Marc Stein, Philadelphia Inquirer

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Free Agency 2022: PJ Tucker close to joining the Sixers