French press review – Headlines: Paris calls on Mali to respect the organization of a poll in February 2022

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It is the French Minister of the Armed Forces who said it this morning in Sunday Newspaper : ” the Malian population is facing the authorities resulting from two coups d’état. These are transitional authorities who must hand over power to elected civilian authorities according to a timetable that is known to all ”, said Florence Parly to JDD. And indeed, the Minister of the Armed Forces appeals “To the pure and simple respect of this commitment to organize elections in February 2022 “.

Florence Parly who also declares this to the Journal du Dimanche: “claiming that France is leaving the Sahel is not correct “. These declarations come two days after thecancellation (officially for health reasons) of Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Mali. Initially scheduled for tomorrow, this visit canceled the day before yesterday by Paris would have taken place in a region where ” anti-French sentiment keeps swelling “, States Sunday Newspaper.

To take the measure, and long before this incident, the weekly Marianne had gone there to illustrate “thethirsts for change, the need for oxygen and the future (which) blow strongly from Dakar to Ouagadougou “, France by making” expenses », Already noted this magazine.

Referring to both the president of the Malian transition Assimi Goïta and his Guinean counterpart Mamadi Doumbouya, Marianne notice that “People of very diverse origins say they want to try the bet of alternation with these men in fatigues that they do not qualify (only) as factious, but (also) as patriots “.

Being reminded that the Malian soldiers have until December 27, 2021 to announce the date of the elections to end the transition, a former M5-RFP executive told Marianne than ” hardly anyone wants this election in the months to come when issues of security and quite simply survival remain crucial. And, first of all, with which voters? », Asks in Marianne this ex-leader of the protest movement at the origin of the fall of ex-president Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta.

The situation in Ukraine and NATO which says “no” to Russia

In an interview with Sunday Newspaper, the secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance explains why NATO refuses to neutralize Ukraine. Which ” has the right to ask for help »To defend himself, says Jens Stoltenberg to the JDD, ” and I do not see how this threatens Russia, which is the aggressor in this conflict (…) If therefore Russia, once again, decides to use military force against Ukraine, it will have to pay the price. price and it will be high », He adds again.

Literature: an unprecedented collection of literary prizes collected this year by African writers

This was indeed a first in Europe, underlines The Express. “What a harvest! », Launches this weekly, by taking an inventory: the Nobel Prize for Literature to the Tanzanian Abdulrazak Gurnah ; the Goncourt to Senegalese Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, for his novel The most secret memory of men ; the Booker Prize to South African Damon Galgut for The Promise ; the International Booker Prize to Senegalese David Diop for the English version of Soul brother ; the Camões Prize, the most important literary distinction in the Portuguese-speaking world, awarded unanimously to the Mozambican Paulina Chiziane, and the Neustadt International Prize for Literature to the Senegalese Boubacar Boris Diop.

For The Express, “This finally testifies on the part of the juries of the Old Continent of an openness to African imaginations in all their variety and a recognition of what this literature has of universal. “.

And this magazine hopes that “ the shock wave of the exceptional African harvest of 2021 will urge those in charge of book fairs and literary festivals in France to consider ” finally “French-speaking African writers for what they are:” French-language novelists “.

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French press review – Headlines: Paris calls on Mali to respect the organization of a poll in February 2022