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Christmas approach and, as in 2020 and 2021, USA Basketball offers you a selection of basketball books published throughout the year 2022. To offer to any good fan of the orange ball and, more precisely, to those fanatics of the NBA.

The guestbook of an unforgettable season

The return to the top of the Warriors, the irresistible rise of Victor Wembanyama, the silver medal of the French team in a Euro of an exceptional level, the crazy season of Iliana Rupert, the epic of the Roca Team in the Euroleague… Basketball news has been as rich as it is spectacular this year, and the two Yanns (Casseville and Ohnona) are undoubtedly offering the best work of the year, and therefore the ideal gift for Christmas. Whether in the writing or in the division of the headings, it is a benchmark of its kind, and it perfectly sums up this exceptional year 2022.

Basketball Golden Book 2022

Authors : Yann Casseville and Yann Ohnona

Editor ‏ : ‎ Solar

Price : 24.90 euros

136 pages

Fred Weis, autobiographical

Omnipresent in the microcosm of French basketball, Fred Weis published his autobiography this year, entitled So far so good and co-written with Geoffrey Charpille. A form of open-heart surgery on the part of the former 2m17 pivot, who looks back on both his rich basketball career and his private life, as well as his experience in the United States.

Drafted in 15th position in 1999, silver medalist at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and member of the legendary CSP Limoges hat-trick in 1999/2000, the current TV consultant gives himself up like never before by treating ailments with words.

For 20 years, my life revolved around basketball. Training, matches, competitions, trips, hotels. I return to all of this in this book. Despite my advantageous physique for this sport, I experienced many moments of doubt. I wanted to give up everything. I have never done it. I am proud of my career. But I would have liked to be so proud of myself as a man. Because I was weak. I’m not afraid to say it. I was bullied at school, I tried to kill myself twice, I didn’t want to recognize my son’s autism. These are facets of my existence that will never leave me. And for the first time, I decided to talk about it freely and honestly. »

So far so good

Authors : Fred Weis and Geoffrey Charpille

Editor : Amphora

Price : 18 euros

256 pages

To become unbeatable on nicknames

“Big O”, “Iceman”, “The Dream”, “The Mailman”, “Big Ben”, “Point God”, “Joker”… Here are some of the most iconic nicknames from the 75-year history of the NBA. Find the most famous, original and quirky in NBA All-Star Namesby Adrien Pommepuy and Vincent Reculeau.

Travel back in time to meet the legends of the past, live the present moment with today’s great players, look to the future with future stars. Behind each nickname hides a personality, a fact of the game and a memory, for an original and colorful celebration of American basketball…

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NBA All-Star Names

Authors : Adrien Pommepuy and Vincent Reculeau

Editor : Amphora

Price : 29.95 euro

240 pages

Back to the 2021/22 season

Like every year, Elvis Roquand was responsible for summarizing the last NBA season, using an original angle. And it is once again through the portrait of the 50 best players of the moment, these ” 50 stars », that he does. As the players are all listed in alphabetical order, no ranking is established…

The perfect opportunity to remember, a few days before the transition to the year 2023, the exploits of Stephen Curry and the Warriors, defending champions, the prowess of Nikola Jokic, double MVP of the regular season, the emergence of Ja Morant with the Grizzlies, the return of the Celtics to the fore, as well as the big performances of Luka Doncic, Devin Booker, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo or Kevin Durant.

In total, no less than 128 pages of anecdotes, statistics, photos and rankings make up this summary book of a marathon and spectacular season…

NBA 2023: The 50 stars

Author : Elvis Roquand

Editor : Talent Editions

Price : 19.90 euros

128 pages

A touch of blue under the tree

Thanks to The stuff of heroesby Daniel Champsaur and Julien Mathonnière, immerse yourself in the great history of the French basketball team through 30 emblematic jerseys, between sport and culture.

Worn by iconic players, having played in the biggest European clubs or in the NBA, they symbolize competitions and legendary matches, significant exploits or great disappointments of the Blues. But beyond the sporting context, each jersey embodies and tells a page in the great history of the orange ball, because it bears witness to a particular period and culture, an atmosphere or a fashion.

Above all, this book gives voice to certain privileged witnesses of French basketball, such as Vincent Collet, Moustapha Sonko, Boris Diaw and Rudy Gobert, inviting you on a journey of nearly a century to the heart of French basketball.

ffbb e1671221595301

The stuff of heroes

Authors : Daniel Champsaur, Julien Mathonniere

Editor : Amphora

Price : 34.95 euros

256 pages

To improve your knowledge

100 things every NBA fan should know before they dieor the ultimate guide for all orange ball buffs, made in USA. History to discover, thanks to Elvis Roquand (him again!), if you really know the origins of the franchises, the most improbable records and the most legendary matches of this league at the 76 years of existence.

Inside, we find all the personalities and all the events that have made the history of the NBA and it will no longer have any secrets for you, regardless of your degree of following or your age, thanks to these 100 stories.

100 things every NBA fan should know before they die

Author : Elvis Roquand

Editor : Talent Editions

Price : 15.90 euro

240 pages

A little history

With The great history of the NBA, Benoît Labis retraces the somewhat unknown journey of this powerful and famous league. Offering the reader to meet the great players, the franchises and the championship as a whole, in order to emphasize what should not be forgotten and to benefit from as broad a vision as possible.

Social and sporting difficulties, ABA, players from the 1960s and 1970s, but also from the 1980s, post-“Dream Team” growth… Nothing was left out from 1946 to 2022 and the various anecdotes collected come from the English-speaking press, from autobiographies of players or autobiographies of leaders.

The great history of the NBA

Author : Benoit Labis

Editor ‏ : ‎ Solar

Price : 19.90 euros

496 pages

When Scottie Pippen reveals himself ❤️

Unanimously considered one of the greatest players in history, Scottie Pippen tells his story without filter and looks back on his journey in his autobiography Unguarded (Where Released).

From his difficult childhood in Arkansas to his status as an NBA legend, member of one of the most beautiful sports dynasties, through his family tragedies and his relationships with Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson or Dennis Rodman, the six-time champion does not elude no topics (or almost) and even reveals some untold stories about some famous matches.

Our favorite of 2022 ❤️ and a must-read for lovers of the soldier “Pip”, without whom the Bulls would obviously never have known so much success in the 1990s.

pip e1671221675343

Scottie Pippen – Released

Author : Scottie Pippen

Editor ‏ : ‎ Hugo Sports

Price : 21 euros

391 pages

For basketball card lovers

Madeleine de Proust to many NBA fans, the basketball card has had a checkered history, from its beginnings in the 1990s to the present day. Julien Chiron recounts its evolution in France in cardsmaniaa book that is both fascinating and comprehensive.

The book traces the various developments in the basketball card market in France, between its arrival with fanfare in the early 1990s, the Dream Team effect in 1992 which will be relayed in mass distribution, behind-the-scenes negotiations or the competition between several brands.

Much more than a small piece of cardboard, the basketball cards tell their own story, lived in parallel with the action and the titles won on the NBA floors…

MOCKUP pages interieures SAB 1


Author : Julien Chiron

Editor : Julien Chiron

Price : 30 euros

346 pages

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Gift ideas | The best books on basketball and the NBA in 2022