Going on a cruise: The essentials to remember

Discover, via this article, everything you need to know for a successful cruise: types of cruises, costs, type of clothes to take in your suitcase, the largest boats…

The first real cruises worthy of the name took place in 1840. Since then, the ships have continued to evolve, sometimes becoming real luxury hotels sailing the seas. Oceania Cruises, Ponant, Explora Jouneys, CroisiEurope, Costa or Msc Croisières, the companies are multiplying and offering phenomenal liners as well as attractive services. The latter navigate to multiple unknown lands, each as exotic and paradisiacal as the next. If you are finally going to embark on your first journey aboard these giants of the oceans, find out what you need to know before planning your vacation.

What are the types of cruise?

Everything you need to know before going on a cruise

Everything you need to know before going on a cruise

What are the types of cruise?

It is very important to know the different cruise offers that exist on the market before booking your trip. You should therefore know that there are mainly 3 types of expeditions offered to those who dream of exploring new horizons.

River cruises
If some ships and other liners sail on the open sea or across the oceans, river cruise ships spin on rivers and canals. The journey is therefore much calmer and quieter. Those who fear the sea as far as the eye can see will find a good compromise with these expeditions which take place close to the mainland. This style of travel is done on board boats much smaller than those of sea crossings. Indeed, they generally accommodate less than 200 people. In principle, they weave their way inside towns and villages to better discover each region. The majority of tours take place in Europe currently. Moreover, it is CroisiEurope which specializes in this sector.

Popular sea cruises
This is the type of cruise that has been very popular for fifteen years now. It allows those who choose it to benefit from an all-inclusive formula at an affordable price and to make a very nice vacation program. Indeed, a very large number of activities are available on board. The infrastructures are very rich and the liners generally huge. The latter sail most of the time at night and moor at the ports during the day in order to let cruise passengers discover their many stopovers. These can be located anywhere in the world.
Note that companies that offer this style of crossing, such as MSC or Costa cruises, can offer high quality premium services. They will thus be entitled to suites with terraces, access to gourmet restaurants and the spa…

cruise shipsdiscovering these giants of the seas

luxury cruises
If you want a cruise that combines comfort, calm and discovery, opt for companies that offer luxury crossings. These can even be made à la carte if you go with Ponant, for example. The boats are generally on a human scale and the number of very limited cruise lines. Facilities and services are top-notch, and destinations can be out of the ordinary. The culinary delights are concocted by starred chefs.

How much does a cruise cost?

In the displayed price of a cruise, various services are generally included. Among these, there may be the transfer, the stay, the activities and the shows on board as well as the food and the restoration. With some cruise lines, the fare may also include excursions and admission to tourist sites. But, whether it is all-inclusive or not, the price of the trip will also depend on several other parameters.

cruising style
As you will surely have understood after reading the first part of this article, luxury cruises are clearly the most expensive of all. They cost on average between 1,000 and 4,000 euros per night. The other types are about the same, although for similar destinations and with the same number of nights, river cruises can cost a little more.

You should know that you can make a last minute reservation. You can then come across a good plan, but you risk ending up with a cabin that will not be to your liking.

The type of cabin chosen
There are various types of accommodation on ships, sailboats, and even ocean liners. Inside cabins are the cheapest. Then, the prices will go up, more and more, moving to outside cabins, with sea view, with balcony or suites.

Note that if you take advantage of early booking and book between 3 and 6 months in advance, there is a chance of finding a nugget at a very competitive price.

How much does a cruise cost?

The duration of the cruise
The further away the destination and the longer the cruise, the more your holidays are likely to cost you, regardless of the style of crossing you have chosen. So, logically, a world tour will be more expensive than a trip to 2 or 3 countries. Note also that to discover the 4 corners of the planet, it will take a maximum budget of 40,000 euros with a company like Costa Cruises. This will cost you at least 55,000 euros with Regent Seven Seas. The journey can easily reach 100,000 euros.

How to dress on a cruise?

Going on a cruise: The essentials to remember

When choosing the clothes you are going to pack in your suitcase, first take into consideration the climate of the countries you are going to visit. If you plan to go on a cruise to Northern Europe, coats and stand-up collars are of course something to take with you.

But you should know that regardless of the countries to which you embark, and even if it is the Caribbean, always take a cardigan or a sweater with you. It is, in fact, particularly cold in the open sea.

In addition, if you are going on a luxury cruise, you should know that the correct outfits are required. They are also present during theme evenings generally organized during MSC or Costa cruises. Don’t forget the gala clothes that will be required during the meal and the evening in honor of the commander.

Finally, who says cruises says excursions, and for that, equip yourself with comfortable and suitable shoes and clothing. Of course, avoid heels.

Top 10 largest cruise ships in the world in 2022

It is essential to make the right choice of route when preparing your trip, but it is also useful to take into account another parameter. Indeed, if we have any advice for you, it would be to choose one of the best boats possible. Don’t forget that you’ll be spending a good part of your stay at sea. So if you’re dreaming of pomp, here’s a guide to the biggest ships you can cruise on in 2022. Note that the first 9 all belong to the Royal Caribbean company.

● Harmony of the Seas: with a length of more than 362.1 meters, this liner can accommodate 6,988 passengers on board. Its French manufacture dates from 2016.
● Wonder of the Seas: a bit shorter than the leader in the ranking, this boat is 362.06 meters long. Built in 2021 in St Nazaire, it can accommodate 6,687 cruise enthusiasts.
● Symphony of the Seas: also built by Chantiers de l’Atlantique, this giant of the seas, which is 361 meters long, was launched in 2018. You can meet 6,680 travelers there.
● Allure of the Seas: this 2010 liner was the largest in the world until 2016. But since then, its length of 360 meters and its capacity of 6,296 are no longer enough to hoist it to the top of the podium.
● Oasis of the Seas: with exactly the same length as Allure of the seas, this boat designed in 2010 can carry out itineraries with 5,510 people on board.
● Quantum and Anthem of the Seas: these are 348 meter long sister ships. Created in 2014 and 2015, they carry out cruises around the world, boarding up to 4,905 individuals.
● Spectrum of the Seas: since 2019, it manages to transport 5,622 people along its 347 meters.
● Ovation of the Seas: with its 346 meters in length and its 4,905 passengers, this Royal Caribbean ship was built in 2016.
● Queen Mary II: this liner, built in 2003 and belonging to the Cunard cruise company, comes last in the prestigious ranking with its 345 meters and its 2,620 passengers.

The most beautiful cruises departing from French ports

Now consider the routes available from France that you could take. You will find trips around the planet as well as short stops in the Mediterranean. Here are some ideas of regions to discover during your next cruise. Once you have made your choice, we advise you not to forget to prepare your visas and take out travel insurance before leaving.

Which cruise departing from Marseille?
Departing from Marseille, and with Costa cruise, you can take a trip to the Middle East and thus discover the extravagant Dubai and the impressive Abu Dhabi, their dunes, their deserts and their skyscrapers. You will pass through Rome, Palermo and Haifa to arrive at the emirates.

Which cruise departing from Nice?
The Mediterranean cruise is generally the most popular with travellers. If you want to make such a trip, know that there are various variants. Those offered by Ponant, and departing from Nice, offer itineraries that can go through the Côte d’Azur and the Italian shores. Dolce Vita Guarantee!

Which cruise departing from Le Havre?
And if you try a completely different atmosphere by choosing to take a cruise to Northern Europe. The experience promises to be most enjoyable, since you will be able to pass through the Norwegian fjords and you will go in search of a magnificent aurora borealis that you will never forget. Such a trip to the glaciers is offered by the Compagnie Française des Croisières.

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Going on a cruise: The essentials to remember