Golden State has already generated $72 million at home in the Playoffs

Golden State is one of the NBA’s most iconic franchises. Inevitably, who says iconic franchise says sick story, and who says sick story says very large, and above all passionate, audience. From the Oracle Arena to the Chase Center, it’s hard to get tickets that are snapped up at exorbitant prices. And the franchise knows it very well, since its revenues since the start of the Playoffs already amount to… 72 million dollars. That makes cups of machine-made vanilla coffee.

US basketball is a very elaborate business, everyone knows it. Playing on several factors, combining performance combined with the past and the present, city of establishment of the team, opponent received. The NBA franchises pick up a hell of a fortune each year when it comes to ticketing. For Golden State, all this even looks like a robbery, since according to Tim Kawakami, journalist for The Athletic based in San Francisco, since the start of these 2021-22 Playoffs, the Warriors have generated a whopping $72 million, with projections going as low as $102 million at the end of the season. A sum that leaves enough to organize a small buffet outside with all the staff and players in early July. Suddenly, we even understand why it could be by chance, by coincidence, by chance meeting, that Steph and his clique want to finish the series at home. By letting a game slip away in each series, the Bay has made a gift of no less than 24 million.

So, far be it from us to say that these setbacks are in reality a simple story of money – very close all the same – but we suspect that on the side of Bob Myers, it is rubbing its hands to make it fire. Some might find that average of seven million in revenue per game a little high., but know that it was ten bricks in the Final of Conf ‘Ouest, and that it will be fifteen million in the Finals period. Moreover, in 2018, during the last victorious campaign of the Warriors, Forbes revealed to us that you had to pay an average of $1,727 to afford the right to put your behind in the Oracle Arena and watch 48 minutes of the best basketball in the world. A difficult price to satisfy. At the same time, it’s not bad either to have a Finals match at the start of the summer, on a terrace with friends and pizzas, eh. To “put things into perspective”, it must be said that the franchise only recovers 30 to 35% of the amounts mentioned, a large part being taken by Adam Silver and his band, and the other being subject to the taxes in force in California.

Business is business. With the players’ staggering salaries, it is now complicated for an NBA team to compose without its ticket office. Especially when you put several millions on the table for a single game. But hey, not sure these Warriors only thought of that when they took a historic knockout in Memphis, huh.

Source: Twitter @TimKawakani

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Golden State has already generated $72 million at home in the Playoffs