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74% of travelers consult the metasearch when booking a hotel !

The display of your hotel on price comparators as Google Hotel Ads is essential to sell your rooms directly to travelers who are looking for your hotel.

To increase the occupancy rate of your hotel, generate more direct bookings or optimize your customer acquisition cost, a effective metasearch strategy allows you to maximize the impact and return on investment of your campaigns on metasearch.

WIHP shares with you his advices to help you define an effective metasearch distribution strategy and increase your turnover directly.

Increase your direct income thanks to metasearch

Here is 5 key elements to be competitive on metasearch:

  • Maximize your visibility : be visible on as many channels as possible and make sure you cover all the demand. Travelers looking for your hotel on metasearch are interested in your property and are ready to book, so it’s all about showing up where they’re looking for you.
  • Increase your notoriety : to generate the maximum number of incremental reservations for your hotel, it is necessary to activate the notoriety options offered by metasearch such as Sponsored Placement from Tripadvisor and Property Promotion Ads from Google. This type of campaign allows you to appear in the first search results of Internet users on your destination.
  • Choose the right model : the main metasearches offer different models such as net commission (Pay per Stay) from 1% or cost per click (CPC). Be sure to use the model that suits you best ; you can also combine them on Google Hotel Ads.
  • Monitor your visibility rate : the metasearches do not guarantee you a 100% display of your prices because it varies according to several criteria. Thus, it is important to follow your positions and visibility rates in order to generate a maximum of direct bookings.
  • Offer the best direct rate : Your campaigns are more successful when you offer the best offer and the lowest price is that of your official website.

Attract travelers to your website with Meta I/O

Increase your direct income with Meta I/Othe efficient and transparent solution to distribute your hotel on price comparators. Meta I/O allows you to promote your official rates on price comparators:

  • Increase your performance : Get free bookings by leveraging Google Free Booking Links via Meta I/O.
  • Increase your direct bookings : metasearch accounts for up to 30% of direct hotel bookings. Increase your direct bookings by displaying your official website rate.
  • Increase your visibility : Improve your hotel’s visibility in your destination to increase your direct bookings and revenue.
  • Save time : track your metasearch campaigns from a single environment, with bidding automation and reporting.

WIHP’s commitment by your side

The issues related to your presence on metasearch are important for the turnover from your hotel. To promote your establishment to travelers who are interested in your hotel, or those looking for an establishment in your city, use the metasearch and grow your income directly.

WIHP supports you according to your needs throughout the process of distributing your hotel on price comparison sites. From the implementation of price flows between your establishment and the price comparators, to the construction of the acquisition strategy and the optimization of performance.

Find out in thecase studythe story of how WIHP helped Riu Hotels & Resorts at increase direct revenue by +87%.

Meta I/O technology helps us quickly increase direct bookings for our hotels E. Pino de Juana, B2C Marketing & Sales Director, Riu Hotels & Resorts.

Who is WIHP ?

WIHP is a hotel digital marketing agency For more than 20 years. Its marketing specialists help hotels increase direct bookings and revenue through innovative technology. Its range of digital solutions ranges from website creation to metasearch strategy, including digital advertising.

WIHP supports hotels in 120 countries around the world. Today, more than 11,000 hotels have already adopted WIHP’s solutions to develop personalized marketing actions aimed at return on investment, in complete transparency.

WIHP specialists are at your service

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Google Hotel Ads: Win direct bookings – TendanceHotellerie