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GreenGo conducted a survey of 1417 people to understand the relationship of travelers to the environment and sustainable tourism. [1]

Next September 27 will honor World Tourism Day articulated around the theme “rethinking tourism”. A question posed by many players in the sector who seek both to improve the experience of travelers, but also to work on environmental levers. On this occasion, the start-up GreenGo, an alternative French platform to Airbnb and Booking for booking eco-responsible holiday accommodation, interviewed more than 1,400 people to understand their relationship to sustainable tourism.

The environment: an increasingly present concern in the choices of travelers, also influenced by recent climatic events

As evidenced by the excellent figures for the summer, after the Covid-19 crisis, many French people have regained a taste for travel: 35 million French people have gone on vacation according to figures from the ministry). However, in a context of climate awareness, the environmental concerns of travelers are entering the tourism market, which represents nearly 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The proof is according to the survey carried out by the start-up GreenGo: the environmental impact has become a significant criterion of choice in travel, and recent climatic events have increased this awareness.

86% of those questioned believe that the environmental impact is a decisive criterion for choosing their trip today, 38% of those questioned even deeming it “completely decisive”. Only 14% of respondents do not consider this element in the organization of their holidays.

Summer climatic events (drought, heat wave, etc.) have had a strong influence in terms of awareness, with 52% of respondents declaring that they are much more inclined than before to favor eco-responsible travel, in connection with these events. A stronger feeling among young people in particular (61% among 18-24 year olds).

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Definition of eco-responsible tourism: a set of things according to the interviewees, from transport to accommodation

Inclinations for more eco-responsible tourism among travelers therefore, but how to define this concept ? By a set of things according to the French, who characterize it first and foremost by “low carbon impact transport” (36% cite it in 1er) but also by a respect for

the environment on site (24% cite it first) and by the choice of housing that respects the planet (17% cite it as 1er60% in 2e or 3e choice). Low-carbon transport is preponderant in particular for young people: 46% of 18-34 year olds cite it in 1er place, against only 21% for the over 65s.

Traveling without polluting: transport poses (a big) problem

Transport is indeed at the heart of the subject, which accounts for nearly 77% of French tourism emissions, according to ADEME. Rethinking tourism also means rethinking travel as a whole, and the French are aware of this. Unfortunately, this is also the heart of the problem for a large majority of travelers when it comes to traveling more eco-responsibly: 71% of respondents say they encounter difficulties in finding eco-responsible transport options (and 82% among 18-24 year olds). Difficulties are also felt in the choice of destination (39% of respondents), but also concerning accommodation (33% of respondents).

As for the main obstacles to eco-responsible travel, they are in fact numerous without being unanimous and vary according to the travellers. 34% of respondents cite the price as the main obstacle, while 29% mention an irrepressible desire to go far. 23% of respondents rather deplore a lack of offers or choice, while 12% emphasize a lack of practicality.

1664188423 928 GreenGo survey for 86 of French people the environmental impact

1664188423 783 GreenGo survey for 86 of French people the environmental impact

The environmental impact is now a significant choice criterion in travel, and recent climatic events seem to have played a role in this awareness. Transport is a dominant factor – especially among 18-34 year olds – although this is also the main obstacle, due to a lack of offers or convenience in reaching one’s destination, but also because of the price. Hosting is also a problem, and that’s why we launched GreenGo a year and a half ago.Guillaume Jouffre, co-founder of GreenGo.

Travelers mostly ready to go less far to limit their impact

Despite these difficulties and obstacles, what efforts are the French prepared to make to limit their travel ? 60% of respondents are ready to travel less far to limit their impact, a sign of the democratization of knowledge in terms of the carbon impact of distant travel, but also of a health context which has rekindled the flame of local travel.

Nearly 43% of respondents also say they are ready to increase their travel time to favor eco-responsible options. An idea that is not unanimous between generations, since 61% of 18-24 year olds are ready to make this effort, against only 41% for 50-65 year olds and 36% for those over 65 years old. Finally, 43% of travelers are also willing to leave less often, but only 19% are willing to pay more.

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About GreenGo

Launched in February 2021, GreenGo is a French platform for booking eco-responsible accommodation which aims to be the French and fair alternative to traditional accommodation booking sites. Based on the observation that tourism today represents more than 8% of global CO2 emissions, the startup with a mission wishes to provide the solution in favor of a more local and more responsible tourism, for the “less far and better”. Thanks to its selection of more than 3,000 ecological and sustainable accommodations throughout France, GreenGo allows French people concerned about their environmental impact to enjoy authentic, sometimes unusual stays, in accordance with their values.

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GreenGo survey: for 86% of French people, the environmental impact is now a decisive criterion in travel choices – TendanceHotellerie