Hotel prices – The Champions League sets Paris on fire!

The Champions League final opposes Liverpool (England) to Real Madrid (Spain) on May 28. It will take place at the Stade de France, very close to Paris. Hoteliers took advantage of the event to raise their rates to incredible levels!

If you want to come to Paris for the Ascension weekend and you have no one to host you, avoid! Especially if you were planning to spend the night there from May 28 to 29. And besides, not sure you can find a hotel room.

The reason ? The prices charged by the hotels of the capital which, whatever their category, soar that night. And not just a little. To explain it, just look at the side of the… round ball.

This Saturday, May 28 at 9 p.m., the Stade de France, located in Saint-Denis a few kilometers from Paris, is hosting the final of the UEFA Champions League, the flagship competition in European football. It opposes the English of Liverpool FC to the Spaniards of Real Madrid, two clubs among the most popular in the world.

Tickets that are worth gold

English supporters – to a lesser degree, Spanish supporters – are used to traveling en masse to follow their favorite team. And this final will not deviate from tradition. Entire battalions will also come without tickets, hoping to find them on the black market at prices that can easily exceed €10,000. Obviously, with these enthusiasts, when you love, you don’t count…

Tickets which on the official market are already expensive: from 70 to 690 € depending on the category. For this match, of the 80,000 seats at the Stade de France, 50,000 were allocated to supporters of the two clubs. The other 30,000? Essentially reserved by UEFA, the organizer of the competition, which redistributes them to member federations, to guests…

But to the already exorbitant cost of the ticket, it is necessary to add that of the accommodation on site for the night following the match, essential given the distance which separates Paris from Liverpool and Madrid. And, as during Euro 2016 which took place in France, watch out for the blow to the head!

The night at nearly €5,000!

On May 18, around 3 p.m., we went to the site to check the prices (night of May 28 to 29 for 2 people) in a few Parisian establishments, mainly in the 2 and 3 star categories. There was very little availability left. Below are a few randomly selected examples (eleven, like the number of players in a football team!).

Prices of 11 Parisian hotels for the night of May 28 to 29 for 2 people

  • Royal Lighthouse, VIIand arr. (1): €4,996
  • From the Novelist, VIIIand arr. (4 stars): €4,378
  • Aladdin, XIIIand arr. (2 stars): €3,038
  • Lux Picpus, XIIand arr. (2 stars): €2,162
  • From the red partridge, XIXand arr. (2 stars): €1,452
  • Latin André, Vand arr. (3 stars): €1,176
  • Royal Wagram, XVIIand arr. (2 stars): €1,161
  • Timotel Montparnasse, XIVand arr. (3 stars): €1,084
  • B&B Batignolles, XVIIand arr. (3 stars): €1,003
  • Teepee, XIVand arr. (2 stars): €1,001
  • Arotel, XIVand arr. (2): €998

(1) The hotel did not ask to be classified.
(2) Pending classification but “normally it is 3 stars”depending on the hotel.

In comparison, for the night of Saturday May 21 to Sunday May 22, it was very easy to find establishments (2 or 3 stars) which displayed, during our survey, prices between 130 and 200 €.

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Hotel prices – The Champions League sets Paris on fire!