How does Booking, the hotel comparator, work?

Easy to use, Booking makes it easy for travelers to find a place to sleep during their stay. This is how this site works!

December 24, 2019, Brazil. app icon on Apple iPhone screen close up. Booking app icon. Social media app. Social network. © Julio Ricco -

December 24, 2019, Brazil. app icon on Apple iPhone screen close up. Booking app icon. Social media app. Social network. © Julio Ricco –

Discover how really works

The site provides travelers with an online hotel comparator. In order to be able to use it correctly, they must complete some specific information on the home page of the site. These relate in particular to the destination, the number of people who will make the trip as well as the dates of arrival and departure. Explanations.

A bit of history on the Dutch comparator

the reservation website was born in Amsterdam in 1996, under the initiative of a certain Geer-Jan Bruinsma. This web developer has set up a website equipped with an innovative solution in terms of booking system. Its objective is to allow travelers to compare the best hotel reservation offers according to the chosen destination.

This booking platform plays an essential role as an intermediary between hotel organizations and travel enthusiasts. Given notice by the UFC-What to choose for many abusive clauses, the website booking became property of the Priceline company from 2005.

Since its creation, it has had several booking platforms online with over a billion users worldwide. The site is offered in 40 languages ​​and brings together some thirty million accommodations in more than 230 countries. Several offices are located in 70 countries and employ nearly 170,000 people internationally.

Hosting solutions for all budgets

Before becoming customers, you must first go directly to its site or download its application. On this, you will have the possibility of discovering all the reservations on booking and choose the service that best suits your needs. With its now very wide offer and its number of international partners, Booking offers you very accessible accommodation solutions. To find the cheapest establishment, just check its number of stars. Those with the most stars are displayed first. In each category, the establishment with the lowest price appears first with 5, 4 or 3 stars.

You can find various services on the site, from budget accommodation to youth hostels. All you have to do is choose the type of accommodation that best suits your budget and your needs. Since its presence on the market in 1996, has offered travelers several turnkey formulas as well as the most accessible accommodation solutions in more than 200 countries.

The rates offered by this platform defy all competition. Even travelers with limited budgets can take advantage of this to find accommodation during their stay abroad. Even during tense periods, they have the opportunity to benefit from advantageous rates.

How can I verify my hotel reservation on

To be able to make the best use of the site, you must first register online. Thanks to the “My account” section, you can easily manage all your reservations for online travel. On this you can check a reservation of hotel roomthe booking amountor find out more about your Loyalty program.

If necessary, you can directly request more information from customer service. These concern, for example, the breakfastyour Booking feethe use of the credit card and many others.

The status of your reservation can still be accessed from the “My reservations” tab on the site. If you have not received a confirmation email within 24/48 hours following the validation of your reservation, you must quickly inform customer service via the contact form.

Is booking com reliable?

a search engine to book hotels around the world ""close-up under a magnifying glass © evgenii -

a search engine for booking hotels worldwide “”, close-up under a magnifying glass © evgenii –

The creation of the hotel reservation and comparison site makes life easier for travellers. This platform works permanently for the reservation of accommodation all over the world. The prices offered by its various partners are clearly reduced compared to other competing sites. However, you must remain vigilant during prepaid reservations and payment terms to avoid being surprised.

But in general, this platform offers impeccable service to its customers. Its use is very fluid, fast and efficient, while offering travelers a complete description of the location. In addition, the owner responds as soon as possible to the various questions of the client in order to provide him with everything necessary concerning his reservation. In sum, the site is reliable in terms of online hotel reservation sites.

How to register a hotel on Booking?

Before going further, it is essential to read the terms and conditions of use of online reservations. When subscribing to a hotel on Booking, the owner must fill in his personal data. Then, it is very important to describe your establishment in the best possible way by adding some photos to illustrate the ad. In this approach, the platform receives a commission of 15 to 30% on each sale made. Thereupon, no additional charges are levied.

For the advertisement to be clearly visible on the site, the advertiser must absolutely comply with the conditions described therein. This concerns, for example, the price displayed on the platform as well as that available on its own website. It should be noted that a ranking of travel and holiday providers is regularly updated on This can vary according to some established criteria on the operation of the platform. They relate in particular to user search histories, the booking rate recorded for each travel service or the number of clicks on the ad.

How do I contact

There are several ways to contact First of all, the original Dutch hotel booking site offers 24/7 customer service at phone number 00 44 20 3320 2609. In France, you can call directly (+33) 01 57 32 92 09. It is also possible to contact this service directly from the online platform. To do this, simply click on the “Contact us” link. The contact form allows you to send your questions, your opinions or process your booking request.

For information, this company has many subsidiaries in several countries. The list of these offices can be viewed directly on the official website of

If you want to contact Booking by e-mail, the service e-mail address is For extranet users, you can click on the ‘Inbox’ tab and then on ‘ Messages’. This option also allows you to check all the messages that has sent you. This alternative also includes several options for getting help.

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How does Booking, the hotel comparator, work?