How to find the best Airbnb concierge in Paris?

Did you know ? Nearly 70% of French people choose to invest in real estate! And yes, in recent years rental investment has become more and more popular. For a week or for 10 years, it’s a real adventure to try! However, once the decision is made, a cascade of uncertainties and questions come to mind. How to rent it? How to select tenants? What if my property is damaged? What will my income be? Difficult to manage the rental of a new home if you do not have particular familiarity with real estate rental.

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A simple and advantageous solution is then available to you: Why not call on a concierge? Indeed, Paris has a very large choice of concierge services. Each has its specificities and strengths. If you are having trouble deciding which service provider to entrust the rental of your property to, this article is for you! Here is a comparison of the concierge services present in Paris, hoping that it will help you find the rare pearl!

UpperKeysafety, confidence and efficiency!

UpperKey is stability in a constantly changing market! Ideal for new owners, this company offers a beneficial approach based on customer safety. The idea is above all to establish a relationship of trust. It is a question of making real estate accessible by proposing an offer that best suits demand. This company is more focused on long-term rental.

The advantages that UpperKey offers you:

    • Property management: your property is fully taken care of and the tenants are chosen with care. In the event of unforeseen events, the company takes care of repairing the damage! Your home will always be valued!
    • Contact only with UpperKey: no more stress of managing tenants and rental agencies! The company makes every effort to facilitate your procedures.
    • Stability: the 3-year lease formula can be financially most advantageous!
    • Expertise: UpperKey offers you its assistance and its skills in the case of financing or management of major assets.
    • High quality services: UpperKey ensures operational excellence thanks to a competent team.

What makes the difference: The guaranteed rent! You read correctly, UpperKey becomes a tenant of its customers! Taking the risk of vacancy, the company guarantees you a rent each month whether the accommodation is occupied or not! A major asset that is rarely found elsewhere. The company thus guarantees you a fixed income for the duration of your collaboration! UpperKey is therefore a particularly interesting alternative for long-term rentals.

HostnFly, an all-in-one digital service!

Have a fair income while going on vacation? It is possible with Hostnfly! The concept is unique and most inspiring: renting your accommodation during your vacation. It is a question of registering on the platform, handing over your keys and leaving serenely to enjoy your holidays. When you return, the accommodation will be impeccable! HostnFly is a reactive platform offering a complete and qualitative offer, you have nothing to do.

Hostnfly services:

    • The production of the advertisement and its enhancement (with a professional photographer service)
    • The provision of household linen, soap and shampoo for tenants. Housekeeping is also fully covered.
    • Guarantee and insurance taken care of
    • Management of tenants before, during and after their stay
    • Contact with the platform at any time

And the prices? The platform applies commission-based rates. In Paris, the latter are defined according to the number of nights. The longer the lease, the lower the commission. (25% for 13 nights and less, 20% between 14 and 60 nights, 18% for a period longer than 2 months.)

The little extra: present on several platforms (Airbnb/ Booking and Abritel) which brings optimal visibility to your accommodation. It is also a platform with fixed income and accessible to all

The little minus: this is not really a negative point, but it is important to bear in mind that HostnFly is a concierge tool dedicated to seasonal rentals (no more than 120 days over a year). It will therefore not be a solution in the context of a long-term rental project.

BnbLord, leave serene!

We stay in concierge services for seasonal rentals with BnbLord! Already recognized, this concierge service is present in fifteen cities and is developing internationally. This platform also has a very large network on which to publish your ads (Airbnb, Abritel, Booking, etc.). The principle is simple: you entrust your accommodation to the BnBlord team, which takes care of valuing it and ensures the follow-up of the rental from start to finish!

BnbLord services:

    • Optimize the visibility of the property on the platforms
    • Transparent management, you are notified at each rental
    • Reception of tenants and handing over of keys
    • A professional cleaning after rental
    • An advantageous Airbnb listing
    • Advice to optimize your accommodation

And the prices? BnbLord also applies a commission rate. Thus the platform receives a commission of 20% including tax on accommodation, without commitment or additional costs. BnbLord also offers a transparent approach and asks the owner for each rental!

The little extra: the possibility of quickly becoming a SuperHost on Airbnb! A guarantee of quality housing that will not fail to attract tenants.

GuestReady, try the experience!

GuestReady, the expertise of a concierge for seasonal rentals who will do everything possible to manage your property and optimize your income. Founded in 2016, the Concierge provides all-in-one service and is all about building trust with owners. It is also a question of proposing formulas adapted to each one. The company is present throughout Paris and is very responsive. It will thus be able to appoint a member of its team of rental experts to come and examine your property. The aim is to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible of the income that may be generated.

The different services offered by GuestReady:

    • The creation and integral management of your seasonal rental ad (professional photos, writing the text, catchy title, etc.)
    • Careful selection of tenants, your approval will be systematically requested
    • Transparency on housing and its specificities
    • Tenant management (handing over of keys, supervision of the stay, reception, information)
    • Management of maintenance during the stay
    • Linen and bath products provided
    • Fluid communication, the platform can be reached at any time!

And the prices? GuestReady takes a 20% commission excluding VAT for short-term rentals, medium-term rentals have a 10% commission, same for online management. Rates may vary depending on the accommodation and any additional costs.

The little extra: The responsiveness of the concierge and its great qualities of interpersonal skills! You can count on the company to guide your tenants to the right addresses. Their stays will be most enjoyable and they will come back with pleasure!

The little minus: The rates and the potential additional costs that may be added. It is difficult to get a real idea in advance.

Tranquille Émile, let yourself be guided in committed tourism!

Since 2015, the Tranquille Émile concierge service has been offering top-of-the-range concierge and rental management services for Charme & Exception properties. The company is distinguished in particular by a marked commitment to sustainable, local and social issues. Beyond a professional activity, the company emphasizes the sharing of different French cultures through rentals. A ticket for local tourism!

Tranquille Emile services:

    • A 360° creation of your ad (professional photos, text, complete file on your accommodation)
    • Rental management (with selection of tenants)
    • Management of your keys and a security system
    • Reception of tenants and an active presence for all questions
    • Cleaning and laundry service (team trained for high-end hotels)
    • Communicate anytime
    • Great responsiveness in case of problems

The little extra: the company’s commitment! For travelers and owners invested in the local and sustainable, what more could you ask for than a concierge who shares your convictions?

The little less: it’s a double-edged sword! While the notions of Charme & Exception and committed tourism can make a difference in the market, they can also induce a certain selectivity. Not everyone will meet these criteria. It’s just a matter of having it in mind!

We hope this article on the best concierge services in Paris has helped you!

We wish to give thanks to the writer of this write-up for this outstanding material

How to find the best Airbnb concierge in Paris?