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The problems of the hotel sector

There are three issues that affect the profitability of the majority of hotels:

  1. Their intermediation costs continue to grow
  2. Dependence on OTAs is growing
  3. This model is economically unsustainable in the long term

What to do to meet these challenges ?

The solution to this situation is to have a strategy to compete with intermediaries and thus increase its live market share.

At Mirai we help hoteliers to optimize direct sales to the maximum by providing the necessary services, technology and knowledge.

6 tailor-made solutions to cover direct sales

We are working on 6 domains :

  • Booking Engine : solid, efficient and totally end-user oriented.

    Some features that make our engine efficient : integrated into the domain of your site, upselling, loyalty club, geo-pricing, mobile price, price calendar, price comparison, multi-room, rate-mixing, management of extras….

  • Web project : A complete project, always updated and with the highest standards of quality, performance, safety, ergonomics and conversion.

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  • Metasearch Connectivity : Latest generation clean technology to make the most of your investment in metasearch. Compatible with any booking engine.

    What sets us apart : a technology developed by us, always up to date (the world of metas evaluates very quickly !), tax management, adults-children, diets, geo-pricing, price per device, a dashboard to manage and analyze your campaigns coupled with a powerful BI and above all a team of experts to help you analyze and optimize your campaigns .

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  • Digital Marketing : Make your hotel known and make it accessible on the different windows. Capture qualified traffic, increase conversion and maximize profitability.

    Our strong points : our digital marketing team knows and works only for the hotel sector, so they will offer you strategies adapted to this environment.

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  • Contact Center : Beyond your website, optimize the rest of your direct channels (call center, mailing, chat).

Mirai solutions in 2 minutes:

As each hotel is different and its needs also, at Mirai it is possible to combine these services according to what you really need to configure the perfect custom solution.

We are hoteliers !

Pablo Delgado, CEO of Mirai: Mirai is not just a technology company, nor a web agency, nor a marketing agency. We offer a complete solution that covers all these aspects, and we add knowledge of the hotel market to get the most out of your direct sale. Without strategy, technology is useless.

Mirai’s team of experts is made up of hoteliers with experience in different hotels and hotel chains. Our main differential value is solid know-how in hotel distribution strategy.

Connected with your current technological solutions

At Mirai, we believe in the importance of fluidity and ease ofintegration between the different solutions of the hotel ecosystem. We work in partnership with:

  • Channel Managers / PMS : D-Edge, RoomCloud, Siteminder, Cubilis, TravelClick, RateTiger, YieldPlanet, Rategain, Hotel-Spider, Vertical Booking, Octorate, Thaïs, Misterbooking
  • Chatbots/Live Chat : Quicktext, HiJiffy, AskSuite, ReviewPro, HDB….
  • CRM : Hotel Experience, Pushtech, HotelRestBot
  • RMS : Duetto, OTA Insight…
  • Others : OTA insight, Sojern, Triptease, Safebooking, BeSafeRate, LeBonCoin….

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Mirai in numbers:

  • Founded in 1995, creating a booking engine so that all hotels can sell directly online. Since then, we have evolved at the frenetic pace of the sector
  • More 3200 hotels trust Mirai for their direct sales
  • In 2021, Mirai generated over 3 million room nights through the direct channel of the hotels they work with.
  • Currently Mirai have 15 offices in 5 countries, including France.

Contact: Paris at the house of – Phone: +33 (0)1 86 26 06 19

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How to pay less commissions on the distribution of your hotel? – TendanceHospitality