How to save on your ski vacation? – Challenges

Few French people go skiing regularly. According to the Observatory of Inequalities, only 8% of French people go skiing one year out of two. The first reason is economic. It must be said that the budget to be reserved for ski holidays remains very high, on average 1450 euros in 2021 for a family of two parents and two children, according to the independent skidata observatory. If accommodation is the most expensive item, the price of the ski lift pass, the rental of skis and boots, ski lessons, food shopping and the purchase of clothes should not be overlooked, especially when you leave. with children. However, there are solutions to reduce the bill even if, let’s face it right away, these ski holidays will remain more expensive than holidays in the countryside or by the sea.

How to organize your ski holidays to pay less?

Accommodation being the highest item, it is on the rental of accommodation that you will be able to make the most substantial savings. And by adopting a booking method different from that of the majority of vacationers, you could gain. Two solutions are available to you: book your accommodation well in advance (early booking) or at the last moment (last minute). The first option allows you to choose from many destinations. For the second, you will have to adapt to benefit from very attractive offers. You should also know that booking a large accommodation with friends or family also often reduces the impact of the rental price.

In terms of organization, it is also advisable to anticipate your ski holiday. You could thus lighten your material and food budget. Buying sunglasses or a wetsuit at a ski resort is much more expensive. Take an inventory of your equipment and check the children’s equipment in particular. If necessary, you can take advantage of a ski purse or other formulas for second-hand purchases in order to equip yourself. The children’s equipment may possibly be resold after your stay. And for food, it is also better to fill your luggage, because the on-site mini-markets apply high prices. This will also allow you to avoid restaurants and other expensive snacks.

Finally, find out about the measures in favor of low-income families. Indeed, there are aids for family leisure.

When to go for a cheap ski holiday?

Another solution to lower the cost of accommodation is to identify the most favorable periods financially. Unsurprisingly, the most expensive periods in the mountains are the February school holidays and the two weeks of end-of-year celebrations. Leaving in January or March outside school holidays can reduce the rental price very significantly, because accommodation is much less in demand. You will also have more choices and you will enjoy the slopes better. This option is obviously only available to people who do not have children in school, but alternatives can however be considered. For example, you could find out about school holidays in Spain or Switzerland in order to stay there at better rates if the dates do not match. And if you want to stay in France, choose the end of the season. During the Easter holidays, the rates are also lower. Especially since, to attract families, some ski resorts offer discounted ski passes in the spring. The downside is the snow cover, which can be less, especially in mid-mountain ski resorts.

Where to go skiing to save money?

There are certainly well-known resorts with vast areas, such as Courchevel, Val d’Isère or La Plagne, but there are also more confidential and above all less expensive resorts. By orienting yourself towards a lesser known family resort, you will save not only on accommodation, but also on ski lift passes, or even on equipment rental. In the Alps, dozens of resorts allow you to enjoy the joys of snow without offering hundreds of slopes. And mountains other than the Alps welcome you to their winter sports resorts. The Pyrenees hold the rope, and depending on your location, you could also go to the resorts of the Vosges or the Massif Central which will satisfy beginners and cross-country skiers. And if, for you, ski holidays only mean taking advantage of a large area with maximum snow cover, you could avoid accommodation at the foot of the slopes in favor of rentals further away, even outside station, even if it means taking a shuttle or your vehicle to reach the slopes.

(By the editorial staff of the hREF agency)

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How to save on your ski vacation? – Challenges