How to travel cheap in France?

Would you like to go on vacation to France but you don’t have the necessary budget? Here’s how to save money even while staying in our beautiful country!

When you’re a student, going on vacation is never easy. In addition to having to choose a suitable date and a safe destination, you also have to be very careful with your budget. Even if you have some savings, the goal is obviously not to ruin yourself by going to the other side of the world. A solution then emerges: that of discovering France a little better. Unfortunately, as many have learned the hard way, it’s not necessarily cheaper in our beautiful country. And sometimes you can even spend more than by going elsewhere in Europe such as Spain or Greece. However, there are tips not to be overlooked for those who still want to try their luck!

Go ahead

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Like everywhere else, to get competitive prices, it is best to plan ahead. The more you plan your stay in advance, the more chances you have of finding advantageous prices. And this is the case for the hotel, for the train or plane tickets or for the activities on site. And on some platforms, you can also pay in installments or once you arrive. This is particularly the case of the Booking site, which offers both free cancellation and payment on site. Enough to give you some time to put some money aside while waiting for D-Day.

Check private sales and low-cost sites


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Another way to go to France without necessarily spending too much: private sales. Indeed, whether it’s Veepee, Voyage Privé, Very Chic or Showroom Privé, there are many applications that will allow you to book stays at discounted prices. Better still, they often add a little extra such as breakfast included or -10% on a meal. The opportunity to save money without banishing comfort. But don’t underestimate low-cost travel sites either! If, however, you are rather flexible in terms of dates, do not hesitate to consult the travel site of cdiscount or Voyages Pirates.

Exchange your accommodation


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But if you are looking for a free solution, there is always the possibility of exchanging your accommodation with someone else. We rarely think about it, but it is an ideal way to change the landscape while not spending a penny. To do this, you just have to go to a site like HomeExchange to find your happiness. Thanks to this platform, you will be able to make a secure transaction! And above all, don’t be discouraged if you live in a small area, it doesn’t matter at all and you might even be surprised at the number of people interested in your accommodation.

Choose off-peak periods


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Finally, to travel inexpensively in France, it is best to leave during off-peak periods. It’s not always ideal but if you have the possibility, don’t hesitate to get started. Not only will you save some money, but you will also enjoy some tourist spots without the disadvantages of the crowds and the heat. So it’s all good! In any case, do not despair if your research does not allow you to immediately find the plan that suits you best. Sometimes it takes time and organization but it is totally possible. We guarantee it!

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How to travel cheap in France?