“I favor independence, responsibility and challenge, YourHostHelper therefore corresponds well to my expectations! » Marie Tortorollo (YourHostHelper Antibes)

Marie Tortorollo is YourHostHelper multi-franchisee in the South of France. For the Whole Franchise, she agreed to review the strengths of this network specializing in rental property management services on platforms such as Airbnb, Expedia or Booking on behalf of owners.


The specialist in seasonal rental transactions in France

We support our clients from the real estate transaction to the rental management of their property for seasonal and short-term rentals.

What was your background before becoming a YourHostHelper franchisee?

Before joining YourHostHelper, after a bachelor’s degree in economics and a DUT in management, my career was enriched by different experiences but always within customer contact and commerce.

Why did you choose to start with YourHostHelper? What elements particularly appealed to you?

Privileging independence, responsibilities and challenge, I think that the YourHostHelper network corresponds well to my expectations. I was able to create my business while benefiting from the important supervision and support necessary for the proper functioning of a franchise network.

The first contact with the founder of the Franchise Mickael also played a lot in my decision to embark on the adventure.

How does the concept meet an expectation of Airbnb apartment owners and others?

The YourHostHelper concierge provides a complete and quality service, for a more than reasonable commission, and is available, physically present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The network provides a computer tool to owners to follow their calendar, it plays the transparency of payments and ideally meets the expectations of owners who calmly entrust their property to us.

What training did you receive when you joined? How do exchanges go with other franchisees?

With a good computer base, YourHostHelper training is very simple, progressive, well supervised with people who are always attentive and responsive. Via a Whats App group, franchisees communicate, discuss and help each other, which is both fun and reassuring!

What, in your opinion, are the essential qualities to succeed with YourHostHelper?

Seriousness, involvement, listening, respect for owners, tenants and the franchise are the first essential qualities to become a YourHostHelper franchisee. You also need to be well organized and learn to delegate well. Personally, this is what allowed me to progress well and to open two other franchises in one year without forgetting the patience “Rome was not built in a day”.

What advice would you give to project leaders who wish to embark on the YourHostHelper adventure but are reluctant to do so given the context?

My advice to future franchisees:

Go for it! It is an enriching adventure, without routine, complex, with independence but well framed. There will always be rentals, different depending on the context, but by adapting to the market by playing on prices, they are there!

I hope to continue this adventure for a long time to come by further expanding my sector of activity!

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“I favor independence, responsibility and challenge, YourHostHelper therefore corresponds well to my expectations! » Marie Tortorollo (YourHostHelper Antibes)