In Bordeaux, 4,000 homes put back on the market thanks to Airbnb regulations

Will the comings and goings of wheeled suitcases from Airbnb rental companies be a little less frequent on the pavements of Bordeaux? “Some time ago in Bordeaux, entire buildings were bought by investors to make Airbnb at higher prices than the market because the profitability is better, comments Frédéric Lesvigne, president of the Gironde trade union chamber of Fnaim real estate agents. . And that unbalances the market, including that of the transaction”. Thanks to several measures, the first of which was initiated by the previous majority in 2018, the town hall now estimates that 4,000 homes have been put back on the conventional rental market. “This has been smoothed out over four years and we cannot speak of an earthquake in relation to the quantity of housing rented out, but it has prevented the situation from getting worse, it is going in the right direction”, agrees Frédéric Lesvigne.

Discourage new applicants

As early as 2018, the city had put in place a new regulation which fixed at 120 the maximum number of days during which one could rent his main residence. The compensation for exceeding this number of days is to create housing of the same size in the same neighborhood. Suffice to say that it is extremely dissuasive for the owners. “It’s almost always impossible,” says Stéphane Pfeiffer, deputy in charge of housing. And if it is technically feasible, there is no longer any financial interest for the investor anyway. »

This device had a dissuasive effect but it did not concern new registrants. The health crisis, by reducing the number of tourists, “had an accelerating effect”, estimates the housing assistant. Some of the landlords have returned their accommodation to the traditional rental circuit. Between 2018 and 2020, only 1,500 homes were put back on the market and 2,500 during the following two years, marked by the Covid-19 epidemic.

A unique registration number

Since 2021, the State, the platforms and the city have signed a commitment agreement which obliges the platforms to issue a unique registration number to the rental companies, which allows each night to be counted. “Before, accommodation could be rented for 115 days on Airbnb but also 115 days on Abritel and another 115 days on booking, for example, explains Stéphane Pfeiffer. With this unique number, we are able to trace the rental of the accommodation, whatever the platform. »

If the convention relies on the goodwill of the platforms, the town hall says it does not have “blind trust” in them. Agents randomly check that the numbers are clearly visible on the sites and in four years, a hundred files have been the subject of a report of offense in Bordeaux. “But they have an interest in playing the game because they have suffered from a bad image, which they have built themselves, and the risk is that the regulations become stricter. »

“The objective is not to prohibit a student from putting his room on Airbnb one weekend a month, but that this is not a competitive offer with the hotel offer and that this does not remove housing to conventional rental”, recalls Stéphane Pfeiffer. “It is not abusive if it remains an occasional income, abounds Frédéric Lesvigne. 120 days, that’s four months in the year, that’s not bad. »

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In Bordeaux, 4,000 homes put back on the market thanks to Airbnb regulations