Jalen Brunson on departure, Goran Dragic would interest Dallas

While New York unfurls its red carpet while waiting for Jalen Brunson, Nico Harrison – general manager of the Mavericks – already thinking about the sequel without his little beaver. The folder ? Goran Dragic, Slovenian colleague of Luka Doncic, would be on the verge of committing to Dallas. We strongly validate this potential replacement, thought for the collective and the experience.

There are certain declas that we take with a grain of salt. The exchange between Luka Doncic and Goran Dragic – reported by Matej Sport info, a Slovenian journalist – is not one of them. Quietly posed at a press conference under the label of the national team, the two friends had fun with the question of a journalist: “What are the chances of you playing together next season in Dallas? ». Pfiou, here is the slippery ground in this period when public flirting is not allowed. Luka’s answer lies somewhere between honesty and fear: “I’d love to answer that question, but I think it’s a $100,000 fine if I do. So you should ask the GM”. As much as we try not to get carried away by the slightest ambiguous statement, as much when Goran Dragic adds – with a smile from ear to ear – that he does not “can’t talk about it before July 1st”, the scene downright steals the job of the insiders. But it is not enough to give credibility to this rumor. This is why in support – and relying on the imminent departure of Jalen Brunson – Marc Stein slips his hand into the file. Immediately, the info gains credibility.

“According to sources familiar with the matter, the exit of Jalen Brunson would also increase the likelihood that Dallas will try to sign Goran Dragić, Slovenian teammate of Luka Doncic, during the Free Agency. –Marc Stein

This rumor does not date from the afternoon. The track whistled for the first time last summer, then a second before the market buyouts last February. “Yeah but suddenly, it’s easy to say that it will happen today when it has not happened twice”. With the rumor – which could already be called an agreement – ​​between Jalen Brunson and the Knicks, the Mavericks need to strengthen on the backcourt. This was not the case until now: Luka Doncic and Jalen Brunson had been working together since 2018. Bingo, the little beaver breaks, but Goran Dragic is finally available at a reasonable price. His two-year, $37.4 million contract — signed with the Heat in the summer of 2020 — has expired. His hair has turned white, his scoring average has dropped, and even if his vista remains intact, the 45th choice of the 2008 Draft no longer has the odds to top the jackpot. As much to line up behind a familiar face, which moreover embodies the future of the NBA. A last Goran dance, for a first title.

We didn’t really know how to close this paper, so we dug up an excerpt from the press conference in question. Nothing to do with Goran Dragic – who, however, is having a hell of a time – but a journalist asks Luka: “You have probably heard Ante Zizic criticize your lack of investment in defense, does that motivate you for the next game? ». A guaranteed good time.

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Jalen Brunson on departure, Goran Dragic would interest Dallas