Joel Embiid on a mission: 45 points against the Pacers, Jojo WANTS his MVP

A team that is qualified in the Playoffs against another that will fall the curtain in a few days, what does it give? A big All-Star Game for families in early April. Mixtape of collective success, EJoel mbiid in his classics and Tyrese Maxey in sniper mode, it’s a treat.

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Last game at home of the season for Indiana, and what better than to take a good big beating from the families to end a regular game, I believe. Fortunately, Lance Stephenson honored the public by sending baskets well smooth and, of course, since we’re talking about Lance, the choreographies that go with it. This is one of the only reasons for consolation of this evening elsewhere, since the Sixers have pretty much done what they wanted tonight. Joel Embiid has again posed an MVP line, as we suspected, with 45 points and 13 rebounds including 30 of his puntos before halftime. We will also note the magnificent performance of Tyrese Maxey who slams for his part 30 points at 8/11 from the cornfield which borders the room, it is that he wants to give a hard time to the competitors of the MIP the bugger. Afterwards, it’s always easier when you’re not defended, in short, all this gives us 82 points scored by Philly at halftime, including 49 in the second quarter, and we are then approaching the definition of open bar.

However, Indiana will recover and even return to… four small points from Jojo and his friends, thanks to Tyrese Haliburton and Duane Washington Jr. in particular, showing that it is possible to achieve positive results in basketball even if calling Washington. Well, maybe it was all because Joel wasn’t in the field. Just enough time to look for a small restaurant for the end of the match and return to the coal because the title of top scorer will not be won on its own, even though DeAndre Jordan is the nice type and will look for his flagrant 2 to allow Doc Rivers to make his rotations without thinking too much, oh the redundancy. Come on, 131-122 Philly, we’re closing up shop in Indiana and see you in September. A great moment offered to fans since know that when you have been a subscriber for 37 years with the Pacers, you are invited to the edge of the field and you are offered 500 balls to slam at the Buffalo Grill on the corner. And again, we are not talking about fancam where the goal is to draw his discount card at Litrimarché, or even the franchise’s ultimate gift to its most fervent supporters, watch out: 30%, THIRTY PERCENT off the gray t-shirt Pacers, the kind of goodies that you forget at the bottom of your wardrobe and that you come out to go and put up a partition at your friend Maxime’s who has just had it built in the suburbs of La Roche-sur-Yon. No, don’t thank them, it’s a gift.

Hey, real basketball night again on the side of Indiana. It ends on a performance where the locals did not exist, the fault of a Joel Embiid much too hot to hope for anything. Nice performance also from Tyrese Maxey and the Sixers continue their frantic race for second place in the East and, oh yes, don’t forget, tomorrow it’s a knockdown price on all the kiwi peelers for Pacers subscribers, so enjoy it.

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Joel Embiid on a mission: 45 points against the Pacers, Jojo WANTS his MVP