L. Bigorra, Ouissem Belgacem, Guillaume Cizeron and Mohamed Mbougar Sarr awarded with the 2021 gay novel prizes

The winners of the gay novel prize 2021 was proclaimed in Paris on November 12 at the Town Hall of Paris Centre, in the presence of authors, publishers, jury, readers. The jury crowned the first novel by L. Bigòrra, 28 days, a story written in the late 2010s while the author is taking post-HIV exposure treatment. It addresses issues of sexuality, AIDS, urban life and the assimilation of minorities in contemporary society.

The autobiographical story prize singled out two high-profile books by sportspeople confronted with homophobia in their profession, that of a former footballer (Ouissem Begacem, Farewell my shameFayard) and an ice dancer (Guillaume Cizeron, My greatest victoryXO).

Mohamed Mbougar SarrGoncourt Prize 2021, was awarded the Literary Prize Prize, as author, among others of the novel pure mens (P. Rey), dealing with homosexuality and homophobia in Senegal.

Two other special prizes were awarded: Editions Cœur de lune received the publishing house award. Founded in 2015 by Sébastien Champagne, its catalog covers several genres: love, friendship, slice of life, thriller, thriller, adventure… It publishes gay novels, homosexual literature, M/M romances, yaoi and boy’s love.

Finally, Guy Torrens, an educator born in 1952, passionate about rock, opera, Japanese literature and music, was crowned for all of his work. He published a first collection of haikus The Orphans of the Flood (2005), The Pale Golden Twilights first novel tribute to his companion Jean who died in 2004, the collections of poems The last lake, White lands and 25 rue Jean Roquethe novels The Seasons After (“coup de coeur” prize for the 2014 gay novel) and The night of dawnand the anticipation thriller Maria and the seahorse. His work has been published by Edilivre, Maia, Arc en Ciel and Publibook.

The full prize list

  • Gay Novel Prize 2021 : 28 days by L. Bigòrra (Terraces)
  • Special mention from the jury: The Wrinkle of Worry by Grégoire Thoby (Literary presses)
  • Heart stroke : Cortisol Queen by Arnaud Arseni (Mix editions)
  • first novel : Kill the good gay by Etienne Bompais-Pham (Maïa)
  • Collective collection: Stonewall – Collective collection – Preface by Leïla Slimani (Abstractions editions)
  • Discovery (tied): So worried by Claude-Alain Planchon (Underground); Underworld by Nicolas Robiquet (Edilivre)
  • Autobiographical account (ex aequo) : Farewell my shame by Ouissem Belgacem, with Eléonore Gurrey (Fayard); My greatest victory by Guillaume Cizeron (XO)
  • Short novel: not say by Baptiste Thery-Guilbert (Annika Parance editor)
  • Very short novel: falciato by Stéphane Maton-Vann (Lamiroy)
  • Historical novel : The indispensable friend by Olivier Boisset (Beauvilliers)
  • Romance: Fracture(s) by Emy Bloom (Homoromance)
  • collection of poems: Photocall, Tenderness Project by Vincent Broqua (Early Mornings)
  • Theatrical work : funny striptease by Pierre Haudebourg (Editions du Frigo)
  • Epistolary novel : Two childhoods: Minou Drouet and me by Stephan Sanchez (Favre)
  • Digital novel: The twists of time by Jean-Jacques Ronou (Gay texts)
  • Erotic novel (ex-aequo): The male is done by Allan Pedracos (The Bookedition); News galliards by Hugo Qaherabear (The Book Edition)
  • Test : Yukio Mishima and his masks by Stéphane Giocanti (L’Harmattan)
  • Dictionary: One Hundred Masterpieces of Gay Literature by Jeff Keller (Gay Texts)
  • Literary Prize Award : The Prix Goncourt 2021 for Mohamed Mbougar Sarr “author among others of pure men Ed. Philippe Rey
  • Publishing house : Editions Coeur de lune
  • Lifetime Achievement Award : Guy Torrens

the gay novel award was created in 2013 on the initiative of the Association Verte Fontaine and Éditions Du Frigo. The aim is to reward novels (already published and distributed) in the original French language and belonging to literature inspired by male homosexuality. Since 2015, this literary prize has been open to all French-speaking or partly French-speaking countries.

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L. Bigorra, Ouissem Belgacem, Guillaume Cizeron and Mohamed Mbougar Sarr awarded with the 2021 gay novel prizes