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On January 11, 2023, Apple announced the official launch of Apple BusinessConnect. A free tool for businesses. Where they can register and decide how they will appear on Apple-branded apps. As for example on Siri, Apple Maps or Wallet.

This system is very reminiscent of the Google Business Profile tool (still often called Google My Business) and offers almost the same functionalities.

So let’s discover today Apple Business Connect and the first functions available and to come.

What is Apple Business Connect?

This is a free tool that allows free of charge any company that wishes and regardless of its size (TPE, craftsman, SME or large company, etc.) to register on theApple Business Connect interface to be able, after validation, to decide on the information to be communicated there and on the way in which the information of this company will appear on the suite of tools from Apple. In particular the tools available on the brand’s equipment such as iPhones or iPads.

How does Apple Business Connect sign up work?

Great classic for tools of this type available for companies. The business owner will have to register the establishment on the tool offered by Apple. In particular, it should enter all information relating to the company. Like its physical address, telephone number and proof of the existence of the company (by proving it via an official document to be transmitted when registering the company). The sector of activity must of course be indicated.

Once the information has been communicated, it will be necessary to wait up to 5 days to obtain a potential validation. The completion of the form can then only be accessible if there is validation from the teams. Apple BusinessConnect.

Note that for the moment the registration of a company on Apple Business Connect can only be done from a computer / PC. Impossible from a smartphone (tested live yesterday).

Go here to discover the procedure for applying for registration with ABC (Apple BusinessConnect).

Tool only for professionals with storefront?

A priori the tool is available for well-established businesses, ie companies that have, for example, a shop or an establishment open to the public, it would seem that professionals working at home or remotely can still register. But it is very likely that the registration will not be validated.

Indeed, here is what is answered in the event that the professional establishment cannot accommodate the public: We recommend that you attach a photo showing your permanent outdoor sign and the surrounding area. Places on Maps only accepts companies whose business location is accessible to users ofApple Maps during business hours and where they can reasonably expect to receive on-site service from staff.

This type of negative response is sent by email to the address provided when applying for registration with Apple Business Connect (ABC).

As well, if you are a freelancer and work from homeunless you can prove by means of photos showing that you welcome customers with a sign visible from the outside, the validation of the company file will not be followed.

What features on Apple Business Connect?

We find on Apple Business Connect all the classics that already exist on similar systems like Google Business Profile. With, for example, the possibility for a brand/company to clearly indicate to Apple users:

  • The logo and visual essential to the digital presence of the company.
  • Hours and days of opening and telephone number.
  • Offers, services and prices of products or services.
  • A presentation of the services and products of the company.
  • The physical addresses of premises open to the public.
  • A showcase (showcase) which is a feature available for the USA only and will be rolled out to the rest of the countries in the coming months.
  • Link to company website.

apple business connect home

Depending on the sectors of activity, third-party systems can a priori be connected. With for example the reservation via for accommodation. Or order groceries and food products via the Instacart hub.

On the company file present on the screenshot above, we can clearly see that the completeness of the information is there. With a rate concerning the company’s price range, a rating system for establishments or even a button to call the company by telephone.

Apple’s goal via Apple Business Connect

In its press release, Apple indicates that it thought of small businesses when designing Apple Business Connect. In order to offer them tools similar to those of large companies to install their digital presence. As well as allowing them to personalize this same digital presence as much as possible. Honorable deed. Even if this visibility will therefore by nature be limited to users of Apple products and applications.

A presence however that many companies will choose to have.

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Launch of Apple Business Connect – Yes We Blog!