LeBron James believes he did not deserve a suspension: suddenly, he took revenge … on the Pacers

Suspended a game after his altercation with Isaiah Stewart, LeBron James missed the game of his Lakers against the Knicks in the legendary Madison Square Garden on Tuesday. A game he had surrounded on his personal calendar, so obviously LeBron was frustrated when he discovered the penalty, especially since he thinks the suspension was not justified. As a result, it was the poor Pacers who paid the price …

We are not going to remake you the entire sequence involving LeBron James and especially Isaiah Stewart, you saw the images like us. On the other hand, we were waiting for the King’s reaction to the League’s sanction against him. As a reminder, Monday night, the NBA announced its decision to suspend James for one meeting, and Stewart for two. With the Knicks – Lakers meeting scheduled for Tuesday at Madison Square Garden and on the national airwaves, we wondered if the League was really going to suspend LeBron for his gesture on the young interior of the Pistons, which then caused a mess not possible reminiscent of The Malice at the Palace 17 years ago almost to the day. But the King did not escape this sanction. Sanction he considers too severe, he who assures from the beginning that his blow to the face of Stewart was accidental. Here’s what he said after the Lakers won over the Pacers last night (via ESPN).

“I don’t think it deserved a suspension. I think it deserved an expulsion considering everything that happened behind. I couldn’t stay in the game, with the excitement of the fans and everything that could potentially happen, so it made sense. But a suspension, I don’t think it was deserved. But the League made that decision, and here we are. “

Unfortunately for the Pacers, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time last night. Because meeting an angry King after his first career suspension can hurt a lot. And it did not miss: 39 points, the wheelbarrow (beware of the BronBron fine), two fans a little too insolent pushed towards the exit, and the victory as a bonus for the Lakers, in short LeBron simply knocked out the Indiana with her finest Silencer. And it was necessary that to allow the private Lakers of Anthony Davis to find the taste of the success, them which remained still on five defeats in seven games. Thanks to this win on the land of the legendary Lance Stephenson, the purple and gold franchise has now returned to a record of 50% (ten wins – ten losses) before the Thanksgiving mini-break. Not really the balance sheet envisaged before the resumption of the season, but perhaps this success and the King’s return to form will allow the LakeShow to really take off in the weeks to come.

Suspension deserved or not, the Pacers paid a high price, them who had absolutely nothing to do in history. But maybe Isaiah Stewart wanted to avenge the old Pistons for the huge fight of November 19, 2004 at Auburn Hills Palace, against Indiana precisely. Who knows ?

Text source: ESPN

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LeBron James believes he did not deserve a suspension: suddenly, he took revenge … on the Pacers