LeBron James would like to play with his son Bryce: arrival expected in 2026

For his end of career, LeBron James has an even more important objective than the title: to share the same NBA tunic as his son Bronny. With an arrival scheduled for the 2024 Draft, this would push the age of the daron to 39 years old. Retirement ? Don’t talk to him about it, because in an interview for Sports Illustrated… the King indicates that he also wants to play with Bryce, who will arrive in the NBA in 2026. Tomorrow is far away?

It doesn’t get any younger. LeBron with Bryce James? Wow, wait. We are talking about his second son, now fifteen years old and born in 2007. Yes, he did not experience Zizou’s headbutt. The list of things he hasn’t experienced is very long, so we’ll spare it but understand that he won’t be eligible for the Draft until 2026. We knew so far that LeBron James had the ultimate wish career to play with the great of the family, Bronny. A wish currently on the way to come true, since the King is still physically fit and his mind is still following the infernal rhythm of the NBA. On the other hand, the eldest is ranked in the top 50 of young people of his generation, and could therefore seduce a team on the evening of the Draft. Beyond simple sporting considerations, please also take into account that the team that will pick up the little one will pick up the dad with it. Everything is therefore beautiful in the best of worlds currently on this file. Only, in a long interview granted to Sport Illustrated, Bronbron said he was also warm to the idea of ​​​​sending Bryce Maximus – second son – to dunk in the NBA. Oh wait a bit. In 2026, James will have… 42 years. It’s starting to do. The project is very nice, but the whole body still has to follow. In any case, this does not worry daddy too much.

“I have the feeling that I can still play a good time. So it’s a function of my body, and especially my mind. If my mind can stay alert and motivated, then the sky isn’t even a limit for me. I can go beyond. But we’ll see. »

–LeBron James

What is LeBron James? An almost irreproachable ethic of life. A man who knows perfectly how to take care of his body and who also pays the price: according to SLAM Online, the King invests almost a million and a half dollars a year in everything related to his physical form. We are talking here about coaches, infrastructures, post-exercise follow-up and nutritious work. In short, a real boss who never lets chance decide when it comes to his body. From there to be certain that it will still be there in 2026? Be careful, a lot of things can happen. Among the possibilities? The one that Bryce doesn’t make the Draft cut, for example. The two sons of the King are also quite chill vis-à-vis the possibility that they will not be selected in the NBA, like Bronny’s statement on the subject. It remains to work for, and the image will be all the more beautiful when father and son have crossed swords together on the floor.

“I’ll see what happens. I will become a basketball player. If I take this path, then this is what I will do. If the NBA isn’t working, that’s okay. »

– Bronny James

LeBron with Bronny? Things are going well when we look at the journey of the two protagonists at present. LeBron and Bryce? Be careful, we are immediately entering a more opaque future. So let time do its work, even if the idea is attractive on paper.

Sources: Sports Illustrated, SLAM Online

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LeBron James would like to play with his son Bryce: arrival expected in 2026